Storage: Nuts For Winter

I purchased the Y-170 storage bench in June. I love it! It’s a quality piece of furniture. The only thing I needed to do was screw on the legs. I would give it five stars

Wait awhile and you’ll see the leather crack and rip. Bicast leather is garbage. Be very careful.

I was wondering why the leather ones are slightly less in price than the fabric but I believe that you may well have given me the answer. The legs on the fabric ones are better looking as well.

They need way more photos for these cabinets. We need photos of at least all the doors open.

Regarding the storage ottomans, the mothership appears to have several very similar items at the same or lower cost, including several with free Prime shipping.

“I put my feet on the Ottoman… Empire!

Agreed. More photos please.

WI5380-Black/Walnut Chicago Shoe Storage Cabinet

This is the first item off Woot I regret purchasing.

Maybe it was the poorly done instructions.

Maybe it was the 4.5 hrs of labor getting it together.

Maybe it was the cheap plastic parts.

Maybe it’s because the bottom drawer broke putting shoes into it.


My shoe closet came with no instructions! What am I going to do now!?

Oh jeez, sorry about that. I’m not sure which one you ordered, but you can likely reach out to the manufacturer and they can send it. They may also have it available from their website.

If you need further assistance, please email; CS can help, too.