Storage & Organization: Furinno

Ate these items stackable?

Which items are you looking at? Once I know, I can see if I can find out more info.

Hmmm…Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Storage Rack is cheaper on amazon.

Not seeing it. Make sure you compare the look & measurements. They have a lot of “Turn-n-Tube” stands.

I would love to compare the measurements…what are they? I’m looking at the Furinno 3 tier shoe rack, and can’t find a single one.

Do people really buy furniture without knowing the size?

Exactly. Need measurements of the shoe rack, please!

Yep, that one is missing it. We were talking about the TV stands above… I think.

One is called Turn-N-Tube. The shoe racks are called Turn-S-Tube. Huh? Who thought that up.

Anyway, I asked for dims for the 3-tier shoe rack.
Update: And they’re added!