Storage: Rage Hard

So, how do I do the thing in the picture?

Im going to take a wild guess and say Two vertical and One Horizontal Cubby Cabinets???

Looks like we didn’t get the double-cubby on the left. But as noted in the post above, you can use the horizontal & vertical together to create the rest of it.

FWIW, I’m a total fan of those closet storage sets. Having all those shelves in the middle are really useful, especially in kid’s closets.

In reference to the picture, how tall does one have to be to get the detergent without using a step ladder? 6’5" at least.

These look nice, but the items to buy cannot construct what is in the picture. So I keep my money today…hurray!. :slight_smile:

Any measurements on the 2-door base? Or did I miss it right in plain sight? Thanks!

QUESTION - The closet organizer tower and rods, the maple appears to have a back on the shelves but the white does not. Is this true or more a trick of the pic??? Thanks!! ( I want to know if I would constantly be chasing stuff that got pushed off if we can’t make it flush with the wall.)

EDIT: I go pout now. My tiny closets are not even wide enough for those.

Our Admin site gets hungry sometimes and eats our text. Looks like it liked our dimensions for that. They’re back.

Dimensions: 29.625 inches wide x 15.75 inches deep x 32.5 inches high

Are the Shelves adjustable on the White Tower? And is the back open as shown in the photo?

Answers to a few questions:

Closet Inserts
The maple has a back, the white does not.

They both can be flush to the wall. The white is a new model and it was decided that the back was not necessary for the functionality of the rack

They have adjustable shelves.

Vertical Shelves
These items have fixed shelves…not adjustable.

With the Tower and Rods set - it says there are 3 30"-48" adjustable rods. Can someone confirm that means this could potentially fit a closet that is ~9 ft wide? I’m not sure exactly how wide the tower it… however, my closet is pretty wide and this would be nice!

EDIT: My closet is 120" wide. I am thinking about using two towers on either end, and the tower/rod system in the middle. Thoughts?

I don’t think that it can expand to 120". Rods go on both sides and expand up to 48". The tower is 12" wide.

48" + 48" + 12" = 108"

You’d need something else, like another tower to cover the remaining distance.

With the tower and rods set, are you able to select the height of the rods when you install? Or is the height predetermined?

For the person considering installing two of these systems, you might be able to position two towers in the middle (flush against each other, with no rods in between) and then use the rods on either side at their full extension. If the towers are 12" wide, 48" + 12" + 12" + 48" would span exactly 120".

I recently purchased the “EZ Mount Wall Cabinet 2 Shelf”. I see that it says it comes with the “EZ mount system”. Does this mean that I do not need to purchase cabinet screws and the like to hang these?

From the vendor:

The rods are expandable (meaning they can be longer or shorter 30 to 48”) and the brackets are secured with screws that can be mounted at any height on the sides. It is up to the customer.

opened mine today - got everything out… no hardware to get it together… also the phone number for the furniture company Vaughanwood - rings a flower shop and the website listed does not exist - somebody help!

Sorry for the delayed response and to hear that you are experiencing problems contacting the manufacturer of your purchase.

Please email into and let them know what’s going on.
They’ll be more than happy to help you find a resolve.

I recently purchased the HomeStar BR101417D 3 Drawer Chest/TV Stand and started putting it together after it arrived. I ran into an issue on the very first step which is attaching the rail for the drawers. One of my rails for the left side had the wheel on the wrong side. Not sure how that was managed but it was pretty disappointing to come across something wrong on the first step. I decided to put it together anyway, and during that time found multiple errors within the directions and an overall lack of polish on the piece that left me feeling like I wasted my money. I contacted Woot about the rail issue and was directed to contact HomeStar so I have that fun to look forward to.

The quality of the piece actually isn’t all that bad, with real wood used for the drawer fronts and styling but due to the lack of polish and overall headaches I recommend a pass on this piece.