Storage Stool with 2" Thick Cushion

Why is this available at 2 prices? $70 and $110?

Maybe it’s my tired eyes, but I don’t see $110 listed. Can you point me to where you’re seeing that?

It’s the second item to the right of the less expensive one. In the specs it shows that one is wider.
What I want to know is how thick that cushion is. The titles indicate 2" on each, as do the specs. Yet the descriptions for each say 1/2".
Maybe my own tired eyes are missing something.

Less expensive one is smaller. Check the specs tab for sizes.

No clue about the discrepancy on the descriptions of the pads.

Oh I see it now. Would be nice to have an accurate picture b/c the width of the larger item doesn’t correspond to the dimension.

As for the padding, I don’t understand the 2" thick cushion having 1/2 inch foam padding. So fabric takes up another 1.5"?