Store Your Life Away

The wall-mount jewelry mirror is $137 at Target, Overstock, and Amazon. Not much of a sale.

Check out these two items at

I am not sure on any differences between these and the listed home.woot item. Target also offers 15% off on orders of $125 or more.

I own the Chelmsford shoe bench and it’s great. I’ve had it in my foyer for many months now and use it every day for storage and to sit on and I’ve had no problems at all. It’s definitely a nice looking piece and is well-constructed. Just make sure you fully nail on the back piece for support and to ensure the whole thing stays square and you’re all good. One thing I added was some stick-on felt strips along the bottom sides of the drawers so they would slide easily and not scratch up the surface of the cubby holes. That was a pretty inexpensive addition and something you can readily pick up at a home improvement store.

The over-the-door baskets seem to be $10+ everywhere else. I’m considering them, though if we didn’t have super-tall doors in this place they’d already be in the mail.

I have the fold-away bar…think I paid like $280 for it…when it first arrived before it was assemebled I thought it was junk…but once built it actually looks really nice, feels solid, and holds almost 20 bottles of liquor. If your not a “winey” like me and like the strong stuff this is a really nice setup for the price…especially for $219.00

I ordered the Iron/Wicker Five Drawer Unit- BE8999 on June 16, 2014 and it arrived today June 19, 2014. I like the unit. It is attractive and will serve the purpose that I bought it for. One complaint: the unit arrived with couple of sections misaligned and crooked. This was not due to shipping as the box was not damaged. I considered returning it but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of repackaging it and driving 20 miles to the nearest shipping vender. That said, I am handy at fixing things. I was able to fixed the imperfections and I am satisfied with the product.