Storm Office Chair (2-Colors)

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Storm Office Chair (2-Colors)
Price: $119.99
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Condition: New


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Are you spying on me again? I have been looking online all day for a new office chair.


Anyone know the back height of this chair?

The build quality on this looks atrocious. Look at the arm rests, the pads don’t fit and look to be coming unglued from the arms and the silver trim looks like it doesn’t fit and is falling off.

Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the chair.

The white and black chair will work perfectly with my Imperial storm trooper outfit. I can’t wait to take it into the office with me on Monday!

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Funny, the first thing I thought when I saw the white chair was “this must be the official chair for stormtroopers”.

A breakdown of all measurements. :slight_smile:

Seat height adjusts from 16.75" to 21.75" H
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depth 19.5"
Backrest 19" W x 26.5" H


Weight Capacity 250 lbs

Hope that helps! (I was looking myself and this seems to be rather on the small side.)

I have the same chair (sitting on it right now). Mine is the same except for the color.

The seat is 19.5 and the back is 26 inches. It’s made in China and you will need to assemble it. I could also tell you that it does not wear too well, as the covering on the arm rests are almost gone. I bought another one about a month ago and will get rid of this one as soon as I assemble the new one. By the way, my wife paid $69.99 for this one during one of those big sales around Thanksgiving Day and she bought it at Staples. But that was 3 years ago.

Looking for reviews anywhere and I see nothing. Has anyone owned this chair before?

I came here to make a Stormtrooper comment but now I don’t have to!

The white and black one seems to be purpose made for “Elsie the cow”, so you could make a bovine related comment.

OK Woot - country of manufacture? is this imported?

if you keep omitting this very important information we will be encouraged to have some federal regulations implemented to force this.

I do not purchase products from Russia, Communist China, Iran or North Korea.

Let’s be honest with your customers and include this information on future posts - seriously!

@rexmaximvs, OK, I’ll bite. Really? How do you function?

Although, in a lot of ways China has become more ‘Capitalist/Free-Market’ than the US. Will be tricky for them to put that cat back in the bag.

This documentary (not sure how to watch it now) showed how near-impossible it is to accomplish:
Xmas without China

This chair was manufactured in China. Probably every other chair in the store you go to was also manufactured in China. Suggest you go to your local home center and buy instead a few cinder blocks and a pillow. Oops, forget about the pillow, as they are also all made in China.

Two weeks ago I purchased three clear lacquered wood swivel chairs from woot. Two of them were fine. The third one had been puttied to repair a defect in the wood. That might work if the chair was painted, but this had clear lacquer.

It was then that I was told that woot thinks that the return policy says that shipping returns, even for defects, are at the buyer’s expense. It doesn’t actually mention it, but it also doesn’t say that. Clearly, the freight to return a wooden swivel chair makes the return policy meaningless for any large item.

So, what if you get a defective chair?

Stop using garbage pillows. Only the crappy ones come from china. Non-Siberian (Siberia is too cold for geese to survive in during the winter, and Siberian geese actually have red chest plumage) white goose down all the way.

That being said, people need to lighten up about products from china. The reason most of our stuff comes from there is that most of our stuff is highly modernized and made from injection molded plastics or billeted plastics. You wouldn’t want people making that crap here because that means all the pollutants created in the manufacture of those items would be here as well; the fact that china is ready and willing to destroy its landscape and waters for us so your kids can have some garbage bob the builder playset is a gift.

My suggestion, if you hate supporting these regimes, is for you to make something out of wood or metal yourself, and do it well, so it lasts forever and you can stop replacing the same crappy office chair every four years. You can stuff the cushions with discarded grocery store plastic bags, or the cases of latex gloves hospitals throw out all the time, or with feathers from a local chicken farm.

Considering you’ve never bought anything that was imported (legally) from Iran or North Korea in the last 35 years or so, minimally, I think you should probably check yourself before you further wreck yourself.

have a yardsale. yeah their policy says that.