Storm Sentinel Emergency Survival Kit

Geez, you have to crank the darned thing for 2 minutes to only get 6 minutes of talk time? That’s a lot of crankin!

I rode out KATRINA the BI$CH…I could of used this’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ water line THANKS WOOT

I got one of these at my office Christmas party, and believe me, it is a PILE OF CRAP. Never again. Though, the crab cakes were good…

If you forgot your cell phone charger but you remembered your emergency survival kit, it should be called a “you’re an idiot” kit instead.

if it really is an emergency and a hand crank is the only way to supply power, what cell phone tower are you going to talk to?

Why not just use your cig. charger in your car?

Just don’t track him out into the Alaskan wilderness. That bus seems like a savior, but trust me, its not. Stay away from Alaska.

That cell phone charger could save your life, let you squeeze six extra minutes from a dying phone battery. Seems like that item alone makes the whole kit worth buying.

What, no duct tape?

Bet those people in Daytlov pass wish they’d had this!

“Sturdy aluminum case can be used to fend off zombies” lmao :]

Looks like way to much junk for my trunk. Already have to much junk.

best price I could find. wholesale is about 30$ why not?


Worth the price for the zombie protection alone.

Bought a Car Charger for my cell phone for 5 Bucks, have a radio, Too much money for not enough supplies. Going Back to bed, Night Night

Don’t dismiss this just because it isn’t cool and sexy. Some of this stuff could literally be a lifesaver. No, it won’t let you watch local HD tv on your laptop, burn your own DVDs, or anything fun like that, but if you every find yourself using it, you’ll be glad you got it.

Listed for $59.99 at CVS Pharmacy:

Anyone have a list of the cell phone adapters this comes with? If it would work with my Samsung M500, I would buy more than just the ones I have planned for my parents.

Would have been nice to see a close up pic of those cell phone adapters…come on WOOT!!..focus!!!

Hand-powered HF receiver? Sounds good. Anyone know if it’s AM/FM only, or does it do USB/LSB? How easy is it to change antennas?

Thought about it, Almost bought it, then figured the only time I would ever use it is if I went Tent Camping in the middle of nowhere for several days without a vehicle.

I bought a Tent 2 years ago for this purpose also, its still sitting in the garage, and has never been put up yet. Thanks Anyway Woot, I am just going to cut my loses and not make any more investments into things I will never use.

Warranty: 90 Day Storm Sentinel

But do they provide financial compensation, When the zombies eat your brain ?

Guess we must e-mail