Storm Sentinel Emergency Survival Kit

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New Storm Sentinel Emergency Survival Kit, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Storm Sentinel 6 Piece Survival Kit

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Sturdy aluminum case can be used to fend off zombies


This thing’s about 8 1/2 years too late. Woulda come in handy before the great Y2K computer upheaval of 2000.

My heart is out to all those that really need this right now.

I in for one, it will never go bad.

i hope everyone it okay out there

hey, I bought this a month or so ago.
I took the radio with me fishing out in the middle of knowhere and wound it up. Good to go for quite awhile. It was perfect!!! Cell charger didn’t fit my cell though. OH well such is life it can’t all be good.

Kinda mixed reviews from last time Woot! sold these at the same price…here

This would be perfect to keep in my car trunk.
These are so useful, I bet Mcgiver has one.

How does this help survive a storm. It looks like just a bunch of power inverters or something. Where’s the baked beans?

Storm Sentinel Emergency Survival Kit

$19.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

I suggest that you all buy a survival blanket (also called space blanket) and keep that in your car and/or with that survival kit.

It might come in extremely handy if your car is stuck overnight some day in the winter in the middle of nowhere or in a traffic jam. This is especially true for those of you who live in the north where the temperature can be very low.

A 4-pack is $4.99 and can be life-saving especially if you travel with your family.
I’m not being paranoid, it’s really a wise advice. If you watch the news you should hear once in a while that some people get stuck on the road with no heat…

See the review:
“f you are setting up a “grab & go” pack - the kind of thing that lives in your car or at your office, insurance against a manmade disaster like a terrorist attack or a runaway nuclear reactor; or a natural catastrophe like an earthquake or a hurricane - you cannot get along without these mylar blankets. You can use them as blankets, cloaks, tents, groundcloths and signal panels. They are almost weightless and as noted, very versatile. They belong in every survival kit, automobile glove compartment, and hiker’s pack. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

I also took one in my last hiking trip and was really happy to have it because my sleeping bag proved to be too cold for the weather.

Used this last night/today when our power was out for 16 hours due to a bad storm. I used my cell phone a lot, I was glad I had it to recharge. It came in quite handy. I, for one, was happy I purchased it last time it was offered.

LOL! “- One minute of powering the radio provides nearly half an hour of playing time. Six minutes of powering the radio opens a Stargate.”

60 seconds of cranking provides 61 seconds of power to an automatic cranker (sold separately) making this the first commercially available perpetual motion machine.

You forgot one guys…

By polishing the aluminum case with river mud and leopluridon manure, you can use it as a mirror to signal rescue aircraft.

or Six minutes of powering the radio will create a blip on the nuclear materal scanning sattelites.

I got this last time it was offered So heres my two sense of this product.

It is not all that great, everything is 3rd grade quality. It is not well put together and the case… well, I opened it and the glue that held the thin felt is coming off. Anyways. If it is absolutly needed, it may work.

If you are buying it for the cell charger, you may as well find something better than this. The cell charger on this was never that great and it will just dissappoint you when you try it out the first time.

If you are fearful of your life and are driving in places that are not commonly go to often, then get it. Otherwise, save the money and put a bunch of quaters in your car instead.

I really hate compasses like that. They might work, but every one that I owned was worthless.

I Bought this the last time Woot had it, I take it camping with me, the phone charger didnt fit but I called the company and they sent me the right one, everything works great in this pack I love it.