Storybook Mountain Mayacamas Range Zinfandel 2003



Here are some prices I found (shipping costs not taken into account, which is of course usually cheaper with woot).

$33.42 (Each) / $200.52 (Six Bottles) - Save $73.53 with Woot

$24.99 (Each) / $149.94 (Six Bottles) - Save $22.95 with Woot

$25.98 (Each) / $155.88 (Six Bottles) - Save $28.89 with Woot

$27.99 (Each) / $167.94 (Six Bottles) - Save $40.95 with Woot

$27.50 (Each) / $165.00 (Six Bottles) - Save $38.01 with Woot

 Something to always take into account when buying wine from the internet is how it is stored.  If the website ships directly from the vinyard you have nothing to worry about (I believe this is the case with all Wine Woots).  If not find out how the website store keeps their wine and how fast the wine is shipped.  Nothing destroys a wine quite like a six day adventure on a UPS truck through Phoenix, Arizona during the summer.


Tasting notes and Robert Parker analysis:

Wines of forward fruit, supple balance and sensual promise. If the exuberance of youth is a key to your enjoyment of Zinfandel, this is your wine.

“…earthy, peppery nose with lusciously sweet black cherry and currant scents…a refined, elegant California Zinfandel with medium body, excellent purity, and sweet, well- integrated tannin…”
89 points - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, 12/05


No podcast?

Edit: also, only 3 buy’s so far? Are we going to loose wine.woot?


This is a little too rich for my blood. I buy 70MM of Bolla Bardolino, or Valpolicella by the case for half that price. NTM Still waiting for my first 4 bottles. Not many posts…lonely here


The last post regarding the shipping was concerning. My last four are still on their way - UPS ground, across the USA.


Wow, this is a great wine. The first time I had it was at Noras, a gourmet organic restaurant in Washington DC. ( Of course it was $42/bottle there (now it’s like $62).

Not sure if I’m going to jump on this yet, I think I’ve seen it around town for like $25 a bottle which isn’t too much less, and I don’t have to worry about buying 6 at a time. I may also wait to see what condition my first order is when it arrives.

Nice wine though.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Storybook Mountain Mayacamas Range Zinfandel 2003
$126.99+ $5 shipping
condition: Aged, 2003
product(s): 6 Storybook Mountain Mayacamas Range Zinfandel 2003


Good deal - good wine. Do they ship ground from CA? Will they hold until better weather? I can’t have wine shipped cross-country to FL in this heat. Something for Woot to think about.


Im probably going to hold off on this one. 6 bottles of the same wine is kind of a big investment for a wine ive never had before. Additionally, im still slightly concerned about the first four bottles that i purchased. According to UPS my wine has been sitting in California since May 30th. And still has to make it to NYC with a scheduled delivery date of June 7th. I dont want to jump to conclusions…we will see what happens.


As much as I like a six-pack, I hope wine.woot survives to next week. Maybe they’ll hit me with a Texas wine… Grapevine’s got some good wineries…


My first WootWine will be here tomorrow, we’ll see how it tastes, I’ll report back.

Status: In Transit -
On Time

Scheduled Delivery: 06/06/2006
Shipped or Billed on: 05/31/2006

Tracking Number: 1Z 5X0 937 A8 5292 657 7
Service Type: GROUND
Weight: 13.00 Lbs
Note: Your package is in the UPS system and is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 06/06/2006.

Package Progress:

Location Date Local Time Activity
MESQUITE, TX, US 06/05/2006 8:21 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
SAN PABLO, CA, US 05/31/2006 8:23 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
05/31/2006 6:52 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN


This was a bad time of the year for to launch. The impending hot summers makes UPS ground a really bad option with the wines. Places like actually store all orders in their climate controlled warehouse until after the summer, and won’t ship anywhere that has reached 80 degrees temperature in order to avoid the wine being “cooked” when it arrives.

This is a major concern of mine, especially before I drop $130 to get 6 bottles of vinegar.

Can anyone from woot address this issue?


i concur. looking at that very long trip to corpus christi makes me nervous. it’s hot as hell down here in houston and i’ve never seen a UPS truck with a wine cooler.


This looks like a classic Napa Zin. The high alcohol at 14.9% means it will age very very well, I mean like 10-20 years, and just get better. If you buy this (and I did) open one now so you know what you have, and put the other 5 away. Atarting about 3 years from now, you can enjoy one a year and they just keep getting better.



Of course, if you have already had a few bottles on Monday morning, you tend to hit the post button WAY before you are really ready to post…

It’s gonna be a LONG week…


I agree that 6 bottles of the same wine that I’ve never tasted (at $20+ each) is a bit ridiculous.


At this stage we are collecting data from multiple places. We’re serious about this as inevitably woot and the winery share the risk of safe delivery, not our members.

A nice source of data is 5,000 bottles of wine already shipped to woot members by our first two wineries (remember, there’s no storage of wine in a hot woot warehouse). Other data important to us are conversations with fedex/ups on their process, and the historical “summer month direct delivery” information from the wineries we’re working with. This is a new business focus and (as with our open forums are a key strength. Wine is a very subjective space and opinions are necessarily strong. While the cautionary advice of a few (buying and non-buying) members here are very relevant to us, we’re in a position to collect a lot of real-world data that paints the big picture.

Please continue to share your pre or post-receipt experience/advice and we’ll relay statistical observations that may quell your anxiety. If there are logistical adjustments or enhancements available to us, we’ll roll them out as we continue this beta.


Let me preface my post with the comment that I have bought wine over the net ever since Texas allowed out of state wine delivery. It is always a slight risk to buy a bottle of wine (or three) w/o ever tasting the wine. I accept that risk as cost of doing business over the net & I am usually able to get the wine at much lower price than my local stores will sell the same bottle.

I just received my 8 bottles of St Suprey & after a quick inspection of each bottle 5 have obvious signs of leakage. I reside in West Texas and the temperature out here has been in the high 90’s this weekend. I was apprehensive about buying any more wine this summer & my fears look to be on the mark.

I hope I don’t now have 8 bottles of cooking wine. I will post after I have tried a bottle of the leaking wine.

I do love the wine woot & suggest if the summer heat is too much for the wine, either hold off till the fall or offer airmail & charge accordingly.



Thank you for your post. However, there really isn’t much info you need to collect regarding shipping wine when it is really hot outside. It is just a really bad idea. Wine will have heat damage and most likely will leak. The real problem is when it doesn’t leak, but is damaged (yes, this can happen and does quite often). Many people may not be savvy enough to realize the wine is heat-damaged and may just conclude the wine isn’t a good wine or they don’t like it. Please read the following threads on a wine BB to see what can happen when wine is exposed to heat:

Collecting data over the summer isn’t the answer - wine can and will be damaged by heat with ground shipping during the summer. That’s a fact. What needs to be established is the solution to the problem. With a commerce system like yours, it is a difficult problem as most won’t want to pay a lot for expedited shiping and storage of the wine until the fall is probably cost-prohibitive. Wish I had a solution as this is a good offer on the wine, but I won’t ship it ground cross-country in the summer.