Storyteller Shirt: Small Image

I ordered this cool Woot shirt, but the image seems too small. It’s a gift for a friend, but it is underwhelming rather than impressive.

What do you folks think? It’s a Bella-Canvas Womens Medium. The actual image is less than four inches wide. The shirt is about fifteen inches wide in this area.


May wit looks better on a person? I agree, though, the image looks underwhelming. Is it also off center?

Too small. Contact customer service. They’ll have it replaced for you. @Lady5tark for awareness.

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Woot customer service is the best!

Got my new, improved shirt today.

p.s. I can’t believe I bought a damn cat shirt.


Woot has a few catshirts available.


There’s nothing wrong with catshirts!

Down to less than 10% of the CATalog now:

This search I rarely use: