STORYTIME: Meta Discussion

Originally started for Captain Red Monkey’s Key, although who knows where the story will go after that!

t was a dark and stormy night at the tavern in Woot Cove. We were all there, playing games, having a blast. Even the famous Captain Red Monkey! We all knew he was a pirate, but no one seemed to mind. That was until that September night when fate changed forever. They say Captain Red Monkey had a key to a buried treasure chest, somewhere beyond Woot Cove, far away from the Isle of Misfit Electronics, and he guarded it with his life. They say he was there recruiting for helpers that night. Or settling a score.

A fight broke out. It doesn’t matter how it started. (Or does it?) Gunshots went off. Words were said. People were put on probation from the tavern. Cutlasses were drawn. Mugs were thrown. All we know for sure is at the end, Captain Red Monkey lay dying, unable to continue further. And you were there to tell the rest of the story. You got the key, ran to the dock where a boat was waiting, and the first mate at the wheel said uncertainly, waiting for you to fill in the rest…

“We’re sailing off to the…last location of Marshmallow Perry!”
Who is Perry you ask?
Capt’n Red Monkey told me she knows where to find the last place that peels shrimp! And not just any oxymoronic jumbo shrimp, but real MASSIVE little buggers, since they never worked a day in heir prawny little lives. However, crusty crustaceans that they were, they never thought that the agile Captain Red Monkey could ever die. But, the mighty Monkey was fading fast. So, something had to be done…Emergency margaritas were blended, and…pizzas were ordered. We waited for the thirty minute guarantee seconds ticked and Cap’n Red Beard had finally had enough. He drew his sword and threatened the humongous shrimp, screaming “AAARRRGGGG!! NOW PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIVES!” He swung the blade, but it disintegrated as it passed “D*mn rusty hunk of junk!” … Stop! We’ve got to focus …The oxymoronic jumbo shrimp are…

How will it continue? You help figure it out!

Give it a go!