Stovall Bird Feeders

ooh, $.57 off a batbox (which you can typically build for less than $20)

Not sure how this qualifies for Woot…

Looks like pretty much every item is cheaper on

I’d +1 you if I could. These sponsored deals should be screened a bit, there is no deal here. One list price alone there is significant increase here over thebirdshed site.

I hate to jump on the complaint pile here, but the link provided for the Stovall company website is useless. There is nothing in the way of product information available because it’s been in the process of being updated…since January 2013.

Hey all, remember to include shipping when comparing prices.

Plus deals sometimes won’t be the killer deals like the main pages. Prices fluctuate so much in the market, it’s hard to keep up.

Pretty sure those cob holders feed squirrels not birds…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but regarding the ladybug and butterfly habitats - don’t bugs despise cedar?

I didn’t realize the bird/bat house market was so volatile these days…

Did you forget about the bird housing bubble of 2010? It’s obviouse that the prices are finally starting to come up. Although the finches in my backyard are still under water on their mortgage.

I think most of these feeders will feed squirrels and birds equally.