Straight Line Laser Level 2-Pack



I assume these aren’t self leveling, considering the bubble on top.


I have one…paid $9.99 for it. Not that great


Sweet! now i can actually draw a straight line. WOOOOOOTalishissss


i was just looking for a fathers day gift…


Not self leveling, I see a bubble on top. yes?


Say what you will about how tacky this thing looks, it’s still a pretty nice deal-a-ma-bob and perfect for Father’s Day (one for Dad, one for Gramps). Here’s some comparisons. None have better prices, but see if you think the other products are better for the cost, i guess.

Shopzilla Prices… some cute yellow ones in there that look more advanced.

BizRate Prices… nice lookin blue and yellow one… (go bruins!)

AsSeenOnTV Price… its about double the price for just one of thems.

MSN Prices… these listings are confusing… stick with Zilla or B.Rate if you gotta.

… btw, even the USA got handled today by the Czechs, keep watching, they have better games ahead… for example, when they take out Brazil in the round of 16, that’s going to be SWWEEEEET!


Drat, already have two of these. Use one inside for the cats to chase the laser.


this is what you get when you click the pic


is this one retina safe or do i have to wear protective googles to use it?


Meh. What? Are we supposed to use one and gift one?
How about finding an alternate use, like give them to the idiots that swing the glowsticks at danceclubs…


I doubt a laser-level will help much, considering my floor isn’t level.

Already own one, doesn’t do a bit of good. House is old and poorly-built.

Ever see the commercials? Note how, to get that level line, you’d need another level object at the same height on the other side of the room. How many of us have another level object at the exact same height (Minus height of level) of the line they desire?


Excellent blow up pic of the levels…


If you can use a measuring tape to make a straight line or make sure an item is level i salute you. Personally I cant. Great price, and i can actually see myself using two. hmmm


I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. Now, I’ll have two!! Greatest woot ever? No, definitely not. But, don’t forget the addage, “He who dies with the most tools, wins!!”

(I have a long way to go before I catch up to Norm Abrahms.



Just one question: anyone know how these attach to the wall?

Bonus Real Genius reference:
"I was contemplating the immortal words of Socrates when he said… “I drank what?”

Love that movie :slight_smile:


Here are a couple prices I found $12.94 Each / $6.25 Shipping / $32.13 TOTAL $14.99 Each / $5.95 Shipping / $35.93 TOTAL



Will this ship in time for Father’s Day?


I bought a laser level about a month ago for 40 bucks. Its obviously better, but wow.


Great cat toys with practical purpose. Makes my heart go Yum-Yum! Just don’t blind pretty little kitties…