Strait-Line Intersect Laser Level

Or not first, which ever works. :slight_smile:

Are these any good? Good deal? I needed a good laser something or another.

Would go well with all the other woot-off items!


Good nite

I have one of these, Just used it to put up a chin-up bar. i don’t see a need for two. so none from woot for me. worth it tho!

damn it. why’d I buy those crappier ones from the woot-off?


How is this different than a laser level.



Can I hot charge this so I can burn thru a bank vault?

Forget that I asked this. In for 3!

this would’ve been perfect in my bowl of chocolate.

What crappier ones? I don’t recall a level even being in the woot off. Only thing remotely close was the digital tape measure and it’s not the same.

Manufacturer site & demo
I hope it’s better than the free one I got with the hercules hooks I bought…

You just stick it to the wall and the lasers move themselves to level instead of you moving the laser thing to level the laser. And you can do horizontal and vertical at the same time.

Also in stores these things usually sell for $40 or more. $15 with shipping is not a bad price.

It simultaneously projects both a horizontal AND a vertical line. So it acts as a laser level and a “laser plumb”.

I have a laser level by a different brand (and paid a lot more for it), but mine requires a small pin hole in the wall to mount it. Also, mine only projects a right angle: to the right and straight up. I’ve wished mine would project to the left many times.

This one uses those freaky “pull and release” tabs, projects to the left and the right as well as up. I think the auto-leveling feature is pretty standard on laser levels. It’s still nice, though.

In for two. I’ll give one to my dad.

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Strait-Line Intersect Laser Level
$9.99 + $5 shipping
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product(s): 1 Strait-Line Intersect Laser Level

You can also use something like this:

to hang your level. It’s what I use. Prevents me from having to buy refills of that tape stuff because it’s reusable and it won’t damage your walls.