Strait-Line Rolling Tape Measure - 2 Pack

can this measure in metric?

30 hours continuous, says the description

Actually, this little guy got awesome reviews…

Amazon link

one for you, one for a gift?

It’s good for all those folks who bought the roadside kits and $5 toolkits/screwdrivers.

If you haven’t bought any of those, you probably wouldn’t want this. Rolling tape measures are ridiculously HARD to get exact measurements.

Here is a Froogle link that works!

What crap, Note that these are not laser range finders, so don’t waste your money unless you want to just roll them around…

this is a steal.
2 for 9.99 shipped
cant get one for less than $25 local

this will come in handy for real estate agents and appraisers.

I got 4 so - 4 Q

Hmmmmmmmm…If I need a straight line device, such as a yard stick, to keep the thingy from wandering all over the place, why would I need this???

No batteries included? Baww

nvm im retarded
I thought they were lasers!

Cool. My mom does a lot of this kind of stuff… Some lasers are wonky and some are too expensive.

10$ total for 2 is well worth it :wink:

In for 1… err 2fer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In for 3. Great gift for Dad and Grandpa!

So if they don’t have a laser and there’s no tape…do they beep to let you know that you’re measuring a straight line? Guess, I’ll have to read more about these.

I’m already Christams shopping in for a set

Sweet deal. I’m a DIY guy and this will come in VERY handy for my many remodel projects that wifey requests.

So how does this thing help you from measuring stuff at an angle and getting a wrong reading. Does it have a level inside of it?

Probably not, they also most likely don’t work on measuring and cutting mirrored glass.

I don’t know if I am missing something, but if I am rolling this along the wall, say while standing, what’s the guarantee that I will be able to roll this in a straight line parallel to the floor? And from what I understood, if you are not rolling parallel to the floor/ceiling, you will get erroneous measurements. Any ideas?