Strait-Line Rolling Tape Measure - 2 Pack

About Freakin’ time.

Manufacturer link with a little video showing what they’re actually for…

How accurate is this gadget if you can’t draw a straight line? And how many of us can draw a truly straight line - especially a several foot long line?

how high does it count?

Thanks! I still like White N Nerdy better though =)

I wondered that too. I guess you have to be sure to have a point of reference (an edge, floorboard, etc.) to be sure you’re close enough.

Watch the video on how it works.

Measures to 328’ and accurate to +/- 1/16” every 10’

So, every 160 feet it is off by an inch?

In for 2 er, 4 um…

Anyhow, haha, one of the reviews says “I highly recommend this item to anyone who lives indoors.”


COOL - a review from the Amazon link: “My wife collects plates and after half of a day trying to hang 13 plates equally seperated around the kitchen, I broke down and bought one of these. What a life saver. All I did was roll it over the wall then told it how many plates I had and rolled it back. It beeped at each interval, and if I passed it up, an arrow popped up and told me which way to go.”

Amazon link

I had to go listen to Ridin’ while reading their description. I -almost- felt like I should buy these just because of a dominant description!

This would make a great gift for one of numerous uncles if I draw his name for Christmas…one for each side of the family. Uncle-types are impossible to buy for, so I’m sure they’ll like this as much or more than anything else I could conjure up.

fo sho . . . see it here chamillionaire - ridin' - YouTube

I HATE that the guy in the demo on the link says “mayzure” ahhh!

Will these work on Grass? I mean to measure the size of a yard?

I can just see you crawling around on all 4’s to measure a house. lol

How would this work if you had to hang a tape measure over a gap? I just don’t see this being practical unless you had a wall to "walk it down:.

What if you need to measure something 656’ then you’re gonna need 2

Off by 1/16 for every 10 feet? Man, I can guess better than that. No thanks.

Yeah, I’m with you on this question!