Strange Bunnies

If you’re a fan of fablefire bunnies…

And if I only had money.

I own four of these - they all rock! I’m actually on my 3rd “You have to try this guys”.

Yay, I found the bunnies! - seems like an event made for fablefire ^^

Well I considered the Peter Rabbit shirt before, but now that I see Mr. McGregor’s resemblance to George R. R. Martin, I must have it!


I looked it up…

[youtube=DgeKRbmUBns][/youtube] :smiley:

I really wish that I could get Winter Sports in a hoodie. I curl, and this would be great for curling nights! Please, Woot? Just because you’re so stinking cool and I’m awesome, maybe you’d do this for me? Pwetty pwease?

Seconded for In Addition to Your Radishes? Pullover? Super Soft and FLUFFY?