Strange Request for people who know Portland OR


I have a friend of a friend who needs the house numbers for his old residence in order to claim some stock (or that’s the story I got anyway). Below is a picture of the house in google earth. We are looking for the address of the house with the red car in the driveway. Thanks to anyone that can help.


Ms. KtC,

I don’t know Portland, OR from Portland, ME, but I have a question: the house with the pin stuck in it looks like it has a reddish-brown blob next to it, just north of the building (to the left and above the pin). That isn’t the house, is it? Isn’t the address of that house shown in the picture already? Or are you talking about the house at the far left of the picture?


Try google maps instead. Use the street view and place the little guy in front of the house. When facing the house you want it tells you the address. This isn’t available in all cities yet, but it is availble in portland.


According to, it seems to be just as it says on the pic, 7864 NE Tillamook Street, Portland OR 97213:

Unless the street address is actually on NE 79th Street (where the driveway appears to be…)


Thanks guys, I forwarded this thread to my friend. He is concerned the grid is off, like it is so many other places.

Edit: Okay my friend says, both houses are showing up as that address. He says the house they are looking at is too dark to read the numbers on in the image when you tilt (It is the red brick house, not the white one). I wish he’d just steal his girlfriend’s woot account and log on himself, but hey if wishes were. . .