Stranger Pet

Just trying to figure out if that’s a Kit Kat in your pocket . . .

Congrats on the double (delayed) derby win!

Whee, congrats. The 3 Musketeers bars are on Walmazan.

love the colours and the shading is awesome, Dustin’s character comes through a treat, great win Walmazan :slight_smile:

Need to offer two versions, with and without front teeth.

Thanks guys for all your support!

love this one!

Is the image a plaster of ink that will make my chest all sweaty or is it a light dusting of color that is breathable?

Think about trying to put an 8-inch sticker directly on your chest. At first it feels kind of nice, then 2 seconds later you realize its going to hurt coming off vs wearing a nice soft vintage T with an image of the Triforce on it.

The majority of shirts here are DTG using waterbased inks, so it’ll be pretty breathable. If you run your fingers over it, you’ll still feel it (there’s a slight tack to it), but it isn’t going to be like some solid sheet of plastic.

Did I imagine seeing a Stranger Things “Hawkins Demogorgons” shirt during a recent wootoff? I distinctly remember seeing it, liking it, wanting to get one for my son, and then realizing that it was sold out. I can’t seem to find the design anywhere. Please tell me I am not losing my mind.

Yes! I saw that design during the wootoff and loved it as well. Tried to buy it but it sold out really quick, and for some reason isn’t buyable now even though many other older designs are. Here’s the link:

Woot, please bring it back!

In the past, the shirt.woot-off designs become available in a plus sale in about a week and then into the back catalog a couple weeks afterwards.

They posted the Stranger Pet in their ad but yet there is no Dart to purchase! I want DART!

Here 'tis:

What a great shirt. It delivers on so many levels and I love it!