Strathmore White Photo Frames 40pk

So, these are described as white in the title, but the color listed in the item is black. Which is true?

We updated the color to white. Thanks for pointing this out for us!


You all need to get better with your descriptive info. Had to go to Amazon to find out these are for 4x6 photos… just a minor detail :-/

Flash deals are old stuff from Amazon. They carry a note that the feature may not be complete.

Went to Amazon to find these were for 4 x 6 " pictures… and the are only $24.49 there tooo…with FREE shipping. No tax.

I’m just saying…

Curious… I was unable to find this product, in white-only black, on Amazon. Would love an Amazon link, if possible. But yes, on Amazon, the product is less expensive if purchasing black cards.

Oh Woot! You tug my purse, um no-heart, yes heart strings. Thanks for the price drop! Y’all’s is the bestest!