Street Art: Banksy

Made in USA?

How heavy do these get? Can they be mounted with a small nail or picture hook or will the larger size canvas need heavier duty hooks?

Answers to questions:

Yes, made in the USA.

We don’t know the weight but the hanging hardware is included.

these are bad ass. b1g1f?

These are one of those things I really wish I had the money for at the moment. The Soldiers Painting Peace one is my favorite… wish I could have it in my office.

Amazingingly appauling that Amazon and Woot! would stoop so low as to blatentaly infringe on an artists rights to their own work!

This is rediculous.

We state on the Features tab: This sale is in no way authorized by the mysterious figure known as Banksy, and these are not official or authorized reproductions.

Sad they dont have the anarchy one

Probably my favorite.

This is how Banksy spreads… I think Banksy is off somewhere laughing that people buy this stuff and is also glad that someone else is taking our money in return… What you are complaining about is exactly what street artists are fighting by making artwork that samples other artwork and then making free to view… the copyright has gone from protecting artists to crushing them…

Not only is it cheesy as all hell to buy a canvas print of “street art,” but I’m pretty sure some of these are not Banksy pieces to begin with. Just sayin’.

BTW, there’s a reason his authentication service doesn’t authenticate works created for the street that are removed from the original location. The location gives the work context. Remove it from the location and the meaning becomes worthless.

Quite a few in here are not by Banksy. Should just call this a stencil street art sale.

Drunken Angel #2 needs tentacles.

Who DOES own the rights to a photo of someone else’s work, anyway?

Funny, I was wondering that question myself:



How about I get one of these posters for free and we call it even, eh?

That only seems fair, right? You used my photo for free, and are charging for posters of it. The least you can do is to comp a copy for the photographer that you’re profiting from, right?

And of course, nothing but silence now…

Please email with your situation. They can get in touch with the buyer and vendor to see what’s up. Sorry for the delayed reply.

I contacted them yesterday, case CAS-802856-Z2Z4B7. Nobody has replied yet.

…still no response after 48 hours. Hello?

Will NEVER order anything like this again from Woot.

I ordered a few of these, but one was delivered with one end of the box wide open, missing the “hardware” (which I saw was a couple of screws in the other print’s packaging), and the box crushed in the center and one end. The frame is warped now that it was improperly handled in the shipping process, and won’t lay flat on the wall. The canvas is puckered from being stomped or crushed before it was delivered, and some ink is rubbed off of the ends.

It looks crappy on the walls with a warped frame, puckered canvas, and missing ink. I called and they won’t touch a claim, saying I have to contact Woot. FedEx says I will need a letter from on their business letterhead if I want them to reimburse me for the damaged piece. (Like that’s simple or even possible) Hoping Woot will respond to my support request case and do the right thing.

bridgeresq: I’m sorry for the problem. These are warrantied through Woot so that’s why iCanvas referred you to us.

I’ll put you on my afternoon report so CS can look for your email.