Strength Training

What’s the weight limit on this? Can it hold a 260lb dude? I’ve tried others at Academy and Sports Authority and they shook like a duck getting some breadcrumbs.

weight limit is 275lbs

Lifetime warranty on the tower if you buy it anywhere else but a one year warranty here? What is wrong with them?

I have this, and it’s fine as long as I put some weight on the other side. I put a couple 40 lb bags of salt over the legs, and it doesn’t move much. It’s taller than it looks though. Make sure your ceiling is high enough.

It’s a solid product for the price, but I wouldn’t buy it again. I use the one at the gym much more often.

reminder to not skip leg day, folks!

Did legs yesterday. Today I am reminded why I hate leg day.

We double checked.

The warranty on the XM-4451 Power Tower is a non-transferrable 1 yr on parts and lifetime home-use warranty on the frame.

How about the bumpers, they the hard rubber and how do the hold up to a clean and jerk drop to the concrete?

Does anyone know the durometer hardness of the rubber? Any outer and inner layers would be good to know.
Is it wound or cast?