Stress Cube Fidget Cube

You can get these for $10 + free shipping with Amazon Prime.

I bought one on ebay for like $4. Actually, it was $4 and change, but then the next day I got an email saying the item I had view was just lowered to something like $3.79. (but I had already payed like $4.29 or $4.39.)

Is this the original fidget cube made by antsy labs?

No, this is not the original Fidget Cube, this is a blatant knockoff, if you look at the picture with the gears showing you can see that they do not actually fit properly like on the official one

They actually ripped off some of the photos, so why knows what you would actually receive. I hope the Antsy guys are able to get their photos taken off the listing.

Yeah, come on Woot, why take down a promising new company by selling knockoffs of its amazing product? Not cool. They have been going after these knock off companies with lawsuits. I will let them know that this is being listed here.

Looks like the copy writer wasn’t using one. “Helps enhances cognitive capacity”.

Unless these are the original ones from Kickstarter, Woot is not going to do well by this price point. If it were for a four-pack or a six-pack, then the price is fine.

The knock-offs are available wholesale for about $2/ea and retail for $4.65 with free shipping on the mothership.

I should know, because I just bought a bunch of them for children with anxiety disorders or autism.

if FAKE ! please report it to with Subject – “Alert: Fidget Cube Counterfeit Sighting”

for 20 bucks I was expecting more than one, more like four, and had given it serious thought. Realizing it’s only one…yeah…NO thank you.

Take it down WOOT! It is an illegal knock off of a new start up.

No it’s made by a smart company that realized the millions of people who wanted these were sick of waiting for antsy labs.

I backed the fidget cube as well and still don’t have mine and now they are flooded in the market.

Also how is the quality of the one from ebay? at that price I wouldn’t mind having a second one as long as it works properly.

Woot! I’m disappointed in you!
kicking a KickStarter company when they are down! For Shame!
(BUT, hey, are they really knock offs or these products the rejects from Ansy Labs?)

Reported to both Woot and Antsy. Obvious Counterfeit, and doesn’t belong on Woot!

Are these genuine or also knock-offs?

(whoops, looks like most from China- obviously knock-offs)

If you’re ok getting counterfeit, the app Wish has them for around $2-3 each.

Counterfeit ripoff? No thanks. Not at ANY price!

I reported them as well. Looks like woots answer was to remove the photos they stole but keep the product up.