Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker & Hip Clip (6 Colors)



Is it waterproof?


We’d list that as a feature, if it were. I’d go with no, on this model.


YES, it is waterproof for shower, bathing and sink use. Not recommended for swimming, deep sea diving or scuba work however.


Hey! Nobody told me this was up today!

I run the Customer Care department at Striiv, and I’ll try to answer some questions as they come.

As for waterproof : no. Sweat/Splash resistant officially, although we have people tell us that they swim in theirs all the time.

The OFFICIAL word is “do not swim/wrestle alligators/try to steal sharks from the aquarium” while wearing your Fusion.


(also, since I’m going to be seeing the tickets from this - can an official Woot Staff person clarify if you’re selling individual colored band + hip clip, or if you are, in fact, including 3 bands?)