Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker

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Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Mar 27 to Monday, Mar 30) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page

Hey - TOTALLY UNOFFICIALLY - I work for Striiv! I’m going to be heading off to sleep soon (yay new fatherhood - I will sleep anywhere and anytime I possibly can now), but feel free to bombard me with questions, and I’ll try to keep up with 'em when I’m in the office tomorrow!

I got this last time around and it great for those that like casual games and don’t mind rewarded by game energy. The donations to charity don’t hurt either. The stats page is good but not great, I should offer links to more health information and base line info. Worth the money , but the back is fragile, I cracked the logo plate day 1 using it. It keeps me moving just a little more. :slight_smile:

I thought woot usually provided the lowest price. I see it at $30.90 at

with free shipping.

$24.99 at bhphotovideo with free shipping. 2 or 3 year Squaretrade warranty can be added at checkout.

Hey all, we lowered our price $5- we’ll be contacting any customers who bought before the price drop and refunding them the difference.

So with the price drop is it 24.99 or the 29.99?

Price drop from $29.99 to $24.99.

I’m in for two. Perhaps this will help with the initiative for us to walk a mile or two each night after work.
Funny, the initiative to make a nice bowl of frozen yogurt with strawberries and watch The Walking Dead on Netflix seems to never falter.
If only dessert and TV were an Olympic sport!

EDIT: Is it just me or is The Walking Dead frustrating to watch. I’m only in season two so maybe I’m not qualified to say but, how does a farm house in the country, surrounded by flesh eating zombies, keep a fresh supply of orange juice for guests. Also, they have an endless supply of fresh bread and sandwich fixins. I’m not even going to mention that all the lights are on every night. Where do they get the diesel fuel and gasoline to run the generator all the time? This show reminds me of Gilligan’s Island. (Which I always watched too when I was a youngster)

Hey - you might have had a first gen Smart - we actually did a bunch of testing on them (including yesterday, when I only managed to crack the back by throwing it off of a 2nd floor balcony onto concrete, after dropping it on edge repeatedly, stepping on it, etc…) - drop us a line at if it’s seriously bugging you and I’ll see what I can do!

New on Ebay from Beach Audio for $23.17 including shipping. Reputable Seller with excellent feedback profile.

Looks like the one from bhphotovideo doesn’t have the belt clip… like the Woot one does.

$24.99 at bhphotovideo with free shipping.

Hi! Can I buy your pedometer as in (for 24.99) or should I buy it in a bundle ie with charging paraphernalia?
And do people like the version you’re selling or are they unhappy with it?
Thanks for your help. I have been
looking for just the right pedometer. :slight_smile: oh and will you post here or to my email?

Hi! So this package has everything you need to get up and running…er…walking. If you bought it directly from us, you’d be getting pretty much the same thing. In general, people seem to be happy with the Smart (I run the Customer Care department so I see ALL of the complaints), and most of the issues I see from customers are transferring their data from an old device to a new device or getting sync software installed on Windows 8 (hint: run the installer as administrator)

I don’t see anything in the write-up, but just in case…

I can’t bring anything to work that has bluetooth or can connect directly to the internet via wifi. Does this have either?

Hi! This does not connect via wifi or bluetooth. It DOES connect via proprietary protocol to other Striiv Smarts ONLY. We have no interest in helping you steal trade secrets or browse reddit on the sly, but we do have interest in connecting to other Smarts so you can have walkathons/relay races.

This says it’s a 3 axis accelerometer – does that mean it’s the nice kind you can just throw into a pant pocket and it works, instead of having to be clipped onto a belt?

Yup! That you most certainly can!