Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker

oddly, this shipped from Whitestown Indiana… Amazon warehouse?

Thank you. I received $5 off adjustment. Enjoying the Striiv also! Gary

Yep. I ordered it at about 2am and it was at my door (8 miles south of Whitestown) in about 6 hours. :slight_smile:

To Indiegeek. Having a ball so for with the unit. Seem to have found not a lot of support as Striiv seems to be moving ahead with other units. Can you tell me more about the “car” function/ability. I drive a truck for 10-12 hours a day and am trying to get a better idea how the Pedometer handles that…just wanting to make sure that bumps in the road aren’t letting me cheat! :slight_smile: Thanks! Gary

Hey Gary - so… it is probably helping you cheat, but not by much. Admittedly, I’m more familiar with our latest products (mostly because I have more wrist space than pocket space lately), but you shouldn’t see a huge difference from driving - then again, it looks like you’re a long-haul trucker, in which case you can just strap the Smart on to your Orangutan (they give you one of those with your license, right?)

Drop us a line at if you have any problems!

Ouch, no Windows 8 support… Is that coming, or is this totally abandoned?

EDIT: Seems to work in Windows 8 fine, though the Striiv site says it doesn’t?

EDIT EDIT: Well it “works”, but it doesn’t actually sync.

(two weeks later, he says) install and run Striiv Sync as admin, and it should work!