Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker

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Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker
Price: $19.99
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Once again - I work for Striiv, and I’m happy to answer questions (although I might not be super fast to get to 'em in here) - you can always drop a line to and mention you’re a wooter - I’ll get my team to keep an eye out for Woot! questions.

Hi, I’m considering purchasing two of these, one for myself and one for my husband. First, will this work with Windows 8.1? Second, do I have to use it with a computer or will it tell me my steps and such without if I don’t want to do all the fancy stuff? And third, if my husband and I each have our own, can we set up separate accounts on the same computer for our respective pedometers or will we have a problem with that?

Hi! I bought two of these the last time one for myself and one for my mom. As far as I know, there should be no problem with using windows 8.1. I personally stopped connecting it to the computer for awhile. It was simply something I forgot to do. There is no need to connect it to the comupter if you don’t want to. However, it would be beneficial to do so every so often to make sure that the pedometer’s software is up to date. The answer to your third question is yes, you can set up two seperate accounts. When you plug your Striiv into your computer it will pull up a webpage and ask you for your log in information. Taa Daa seperate accounts!
My mom REALLY loves hers. It has given her the motovation she needed to get up and start moving more. She plays MyLand all the time and is always getting up to complete challanges. Mine fell into the toilet and the buttons stopped working, so I might be looking to get another myself!
Hope I helped!

Are these refurbished? In a way I might actually want them to be…because reading the reviews they seemed to have a lot of issues where they stopped working (Amazon). So I would prefer bugs to be fixed in them if any! Or easy return beyond 30 days.

I like mine but a few things to be wary of:

  • It cannot sync with Win8. I’m glad I still have a 7 machine.
  • Your ability to get data out of the device is VERY limited. Unless you make notes of your totals each day yourself, you can’t get it out – the device and site only let you see “today in progress”, “most recent completed day” and aggregate totals/averages.

Worst thing I can say about these is that their customer service really, really sucks. I have one and enjoy using it a lot, still works. A few months ago the BACK of it shattered in my pocket. I can not remember what caused this event to happen. This is a sports item and should not break in my pocket. I tried to get some help from them. After their customer service stonewalled through many e-mails, the declared head of customer service indicated that it would take throwing it off a balcony onto concrete to do damage like that, I licked my wounds and walked away. I am glad to report that I have never been “deporchestrated”.

Of the best I can say, it is/was the best of my half a dozen or so pedometers. Nice big screen is easy to read, but not in sunlight. It looks at many more aspects than just steps. I like the stairs measurement.The rechargeable battery life is pretty good. I never will bother with the silly video game stuff which might appeal to a less sophisticated 7 to 9 year old. But at this price, I think this pedometer is worth it. I guess I will pick up another one now and hope I do not have to deal with their customer non-service.

Hello - Can you tell me the model # ?

These are new, you’ll also get a one year warranty from Striiv.

I bought one of these Striiv pedometers the last time it came up on Woot. Overall, I am happy with it.

I feel the main advantage of this unit over the basic app on my phone is the mini-game. I do admit that it is pretty lame. However, if you are like me and need something definitive to work towards, other than the nebulous concept of “good health”, this does help. The gimmick with the mini-game is that progress is difficult to achieve unless you do the Challenges to earn their bonuses. The Challenges come in Easy, Medium, and Hard, and if none look appealing, you can re-roll for new selections. Occasionally, a pop-up Challenge is presented to you worth 3x the regular bonus. You also get non-Challenge bonuses for hitting certain milestones. That is, if you just have it device with you while you do chores or whatnot, you’ll get bonuses.

Other notes about the device are:

  1. it isn’t terribly accurate. It takes a few walking steps before the step counter starts incrementing (note: this is mentioned in the manual, so it is working as intented). Climbing stairs is usually off too. The stairs to my second floor has 12 steps, but the device usually ticks off between 15-18. But hey, I’ll accept that because it doesn’t count going down stairs! Anyway, I’m not obsessive compulsive to need pinpoint accuracy, so it’s not a biggie.

  2. the accelerometer has stopped registering movement several times. I thought it was due to me tossing it on to the desk and jarring it, but sometimes it was just in my pants pocket. I haven’t found a reliable way to wake it up right away yet. The best I could do is try rebooting the unit repeatedly until it does. So far, it hasn’t stayed dead, but it is disturbing and annoying.

  3. the cheap, old tech touch screen is disappointing. It’s almost impossible to see in direct sun light. The manual recommends using your finger nail to work the touch screen, but a pointy stylus is better. That said, the plastic screen is not very scratch resistant. The screen on my unit has collected a couple of gouges while I was trying different pointy things to poke it with because I didn’t have a stylus.

  4. I don’t pay attention to the stats that it uploads when I plug it in to charge up. As far as I can tell, the info presented is limited.

Anyway, like I said, overall I am happy with this Striiv device and recommend it. I have it in my pocket all day.

I own one of these and like many others mine stopped responding after 2 yrs and I can’t reset it. Over time the holder stretched and I dropped more times than I care to remember. I was surprised it survived all the falls. Nothing like crawling under a car in a parking lot to retrieve your pedometer because it fell off again. It always seemed to bounce under cars. The computer data only gave you the previous days data so if you wanted to track things, you needed to copy it each day. I set up a spreadsheet for that. It would have been really nice to see all your data to track your progress.

That being said, I really liked my Striiv. It motivated me to walk more. I am very competitive so I loved the challenges. It kept me going and going whether climbing stairs or on the treadmill pushing to complete another challenge even on days when I didn’t want to do anything. I liked that it has its own screen and I don’t have to use a phone. Plus a body worn pedometer is so much more accurate than one worn on the wrist. I have been looking for a replacement since mine died and was hesitant to buy another but it seems that the original Striiv is the only one on the market that meets my needs. I paid $100 for my first one, so I guess $20 isn’t bad. Don’t expect any support from Striiv that weren’t very good at that the first time around and this is an old product.

Well, thanks, since I’m the guy who runs the department, and I’m also the one who repeatedly dropped a Smart from various heights until we got the back to shatter.

My head is still the size that I came equipped with, thanks - I have yet to find it slowly lifting me off the ground.

Anyway - these are Hard To Break, in that it took me a considerable amount of effort to break the back covering, and the back covering is pretty much cosmetic.

Drop a line to ATTN Mike and we’ll see if my giant head can let bygones be bygones.

Hey - so I’m the guy running Customer Care right now - I can’t speak for the past, since I wasn’t there then, but we’re (as a whole) no longer new at this, and have a team for support rather than one or two completely overwhelmed people.

I don’t think Engineering carefully crafted it to intentionally bounce under cars - that’s an unintended feature. If you do end up picking one up, drop a line to ATTN Mike (and put your Woot! screen name in the message) and I’ll send out some screen protectors and an extra clip.

I found it very accurate especially with stairs. It might miss one here or there but I never had it count extra even when I tried to fool it. I think the issue is that you throw it in your pocket. For accuracy, you need to wear it on your body. I always wore mine on my waistband.

For people wondering about Win8, all should work just fine, but make sure to run the installer as Administrator (right click > run as administrator) to make sure everything works as expected, and drop a line to if things don’t work.

(Of course, now I just installed Windows 10 last night, and haven’t had a chance to test yet)

As for accuracy - CheapCat’s got it. It’ll work better clipped to your belt/waistband/robotic hip enhancements than stuffed in a pocket.

As for the “we start counting steps after you’ve been moving for X steps” - that’s to keep things like driving/taking the subway from registering thousands of extra steps. Most of the users I’ve talked to like the accuracy of the Smart, but if you think you’re seriously undercounting, drop us a line at!

I THINK these are ACTVGM0001, but some kind member of the Woot! staff might be able to chime in to verify that.

If this is your price point and don’t want to spend the money on a Fit Bit I would recommend you look into a Xiaomi Mi Fit band. 20ish bucks and syncs with your smart phone just like a Fit Bit.