Striiv Smart Pedometer/Tracker

I had gotten three of these a few years ago- gave one to my mom, one to my wife and kept one for myself.

The pros: counts steps/ stairs well, fun game installed related to your walking, good small challenges to get extra points in the game, communicates to ither striive unites close by so yiu can challenge your friends ans family and see their stats, doesnt need an app to work or set up, easily charges and is pretty durable to falls.

The cons: does not communicate with any other pedometer devices and does not interface with smart phones (at least the ones I got do not), kind of big and clunky compared to wrist worn alternatives

If competitors weren’t on the market, I would buy this again. The game is really fun, the challenges are appropriate for the level of activity someone has (ie. Walk 100 more steps or go up 5 more stairs at the begining). I like that I could track my progress against my family members and the touch screen display makes it easy to use.

Both my husband and I have these and we love them, but there are a few problems:

  • they are not water resistant. It port where the cable goes to sync is open and if moisture gets in, it may never recover

  • if you drop them the case usually cracks. Sometime it will continue to work, but sometime not

  • Here’s the big one. Recently my Striiv Smart Pedometer failed to sync (looking for server). Turns out there is no sever any more and/or the software has failed. When I contacted Striiv customer service, they notified me that they are no longer supporting this devise…really too bad, because we love ours.

Hey, Wooters!

(Verified Vendor Representative! I feel fancy!!!)

So my name is Mike, and I run the customer service department at Striiv (yes, really, woot-minion who is about to call my operations department to verify - say hi to Chris or Michael for me!)

To clear up a few things:

  1. We don’t make the Smart any more. They’re pretty much tanks, so I expect them to last a long time if you have them, and we ARE supporting them in that if you get a bad device, or a broken device, or need help using it/need accessories or just want to email us at to tell us how much you love/hate us, we’re here.

  2. The unsupported part is that the Striiv Sync server no longer exists, so the Smart is a standalone device at this point. All the functionality works, but we’re unable to honor donations or upload your data, since the server is no longer there.

It MIGHT (big, blinking letters of fire there saying MIGHT) come back, but if it does come back, it’s not guaranteed to stay up for any amount of time, and there isn’t any further development planned. (Yes, we know that this makes some people sad, and as much as I would like every customer to be ecstatically happy, I don’t get to make all the business decisions. )

Long story short - we’re not going to say “Sorry, we can’t help you!” if you have a problem with your Smart, but they are now being sold as standalone devices without any network/sync component!