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I have the shotgun scabbard. I like it. Quality materials, well-made.

Hope to see gun cabinets or safes soon.

Hope to see gun cabinets or safes soon.

I have one of the overwatch sling packs… be WARY of the zipper quality on these bags!

While the nylon is good for the price I was surprised at how bad the zipper quality was… I had a S&W 22A-1 .22 cal pistol in the front zipper pouch… the slightest bit of weight or pressure from the handgun to the front of the pocket forces the zipper to come apart at the seams… it can be rather embarrassing (or ILLEGAL even) if you’re walking around and you don’t even know your gun is visible and hanging out of your bag because the zipper couldn’t hold it together


Thank you for your purchase! The quality issue you experienced with that zipper is something we want to make right. Please reach out to us at and we will issue you a free replacement Overwatch Sling Pack in exchange for your defective one.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yukon Outfitters

Won’t ever buy this brand again. Any of there specs seem to be a flat out lie. Bad luck with their joke double Hammocks, bad lock with their tents, just bleh. Yukon = cheap as heck. Coleman makes far better tents and products.


We’d be happy to clarify any questions you have concerning specs on our products. Feel free to email us at with questions or comments.

We actually don’t produce tents, but we welcome any feedback you have on items we do carry, especially hammocks. Customer feedback is crucial in the product development process.

Thanks for checking us out,

Yukon Outfitters