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This shirt amused me

The puns take the cake. Congratulations =) I’ll think about this one, but my hatred of puns will probably overpower my desire to have a shirt with an И.

lol it looks like the howard fist and it looks like its a add for howard tv on demands bolling babes. lololololol thats just me.

Knew it would win… Dang ironic hipsters…Blurg…

SOLD… if it didn’t have the obviou’splanation text at the bottom (useful for the intelligence-impaired).

nice shirt. In for one.

Cute, but I wouldn’t wear this in public.

The bottom text ruins it.

Nice design.

If I were a golfer I’d be in for one.

i hate the color but i love the design. in for 1!!!

exactly. once again the derby falls prey to humor not fit for clothing. (and “humor” is a generous adjective here…)

Glad to see this on top, major congrats (enjoy your x-box :wink:

Tell your ‘traitorous’ brother ‘hi’ :wink:

haha. love the puns.

Now this is a good solid shirt… I’m not too fond of it… but would almost buy one simply because its that good of a shirt…


I told myself I’d buy whatever shirt pops onto woot today because it’s my last day of finals. I bought one, it made me laugh so that’s good enough.

This might be the coolest shirt I’ve bought from shirt.woot so far

What’s the over/under on the Big Lebowski or Kingpin references before this thing sells out?

that’s because you are no fun… succumb to the revolution my friend