Striker Concepts Work Lights (Your Choice)

Striker Concepts Work Lights (Your Choice)

Looks like there are Chinese clones at lower prices.

{VMod comment: Item linked has no motion sensor and no mentions of being third party certified.}

Are “True Lumens” different than normal lumens?

After a long discussion (one email), the buyer concluded:

“I think it’s just because so many lights use false claims when it comes to lumens, and this is the manufacturer’s way of differentiating their products from those. Other than that “true” lumens are just lumens.”

I bought one the last time around. Pricey but I really like it. Works well and is bright as all get out but I am lighting a relatively small space in my unfinished basement/Dungeon.

Doggone you, Woot. Again, I just dropped by to browse the discussions and I ended up buying 3 Striker Concepts ceiling lights. I needed something like this anyway for my basement and the motion sensor means I won’t have to flail my arms around as I try to find the pull cord in the dark. Mostly good Amazon reviews, so I’ll see for myself when they arrive.

I like that yours is obviously a Transformer.

Are the ceiling lights also “daylight white” (as are the task lights)?

Wait, are you cursing or thanking us? Started off as one and ended up as the other. Oh well, sorry and you’re welcome. :smiley:

TRiLIGHT Ceiling Light Specifications
Power Consumption: 2400 Watts


2400 Watts / 120 Volts = 20 Amps

Very common for a light fixture to be wired with 14 gauge wire. 14 gauge wire is only rated at 15 Amps!!!

It’s like the amplified computer speakers of yore that claim 1000w, yet is powered by a 6 volt adapter.

Yes, these are also 5400K daylight light.

I’d like clarification on the wattage also. In context with the others, I’m assuming that should be 24W, not 2400… as 3000 lumens out of 2400W is damn inefficient :wink:

We’re correcting the sale to 24W. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the call out.

I could not resist. I bought the shop light version.

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