String Lights

Can you find out how long the commercial safety light strands are?

The specs don’t state what type of bulb they accept? Is it a standard E26 or some other variant?

Are these weatherproof? As in, can you leave them out year-round?

In addition to how long the commercial safety string lights are, how many sockets/lights are in the string? I googled the nonsense complete table in a bag listed name and got no results. I googled the listed product name w/o “table in a bag” including the product # and still got no results. Depending on how many sockets are included, I’d like to add this with today’s order if you can respond today. Thanks!

These are indeed weatherproof!

Sorry for the delay! We updated the sale with length & # of sockets:

24 lights on a 48-Foot Long C9 cord

What is the voltage?

Can you tell us what the type of sockets are for these guys? Are any of them E12 or E26?

They updated the description with “A-15, A-19, or S-14” which are all E26.

What kind of plug are these? Are they grounded (three prong or two prong)?

I’d like to know this as well, since recent Amazon reviews have stated that the cord has been cheapened and is not grounded.

See the first and second reviews

what gauge wire on the safety yellow string of lights?

Sorry for the delay, our buyer updated the sales with this info.

I checked out some other sites and didn’t find that info listed anywhere. I emailed our buyers to see if they can get that detail from the vendor. Check back here for an update.

Can anyone find a replacement bulb for CLS4824 that looks like the one in the photo? It says it is a “5-watt G50 bulb” but when I look for that, all I can find are round globe ones, not the cool looking bulbs shown here.

Are the bulbs glass or plastic?

Fail. Not LED’s.

Well, LEDs are not the end all, be all- some prefer incandesant for looks- a number of these have the old-school edison style bulbs packaged with them, which definately sets a certain mood to the lighting.

(has been looking for LED based ‘shop light’ style fixtures for the patio project he’s been working on, and recovering from sticker shock on what he’s found so far.)

They lied. Got mine today, it’s 16 gauge wire and has a 2 prong plug. Bad Woot!