String Me Along




Does anyone else get the feeling this is going to end in a big tangled mess?

LPyne is pretty much my new shirt.woot hero- Keep em coming ace!

AK! If you blur your eyes and look at it, it totally makes a LION FACE! -also, I am sleepy…

This looks like fun is being had

If there’s one thing I don’t need it’s another cat tee. So I bought a cat tote (and another cat tee).

That many cats in proximity and not a single cat fight makes me think they are all doped up on catnip and higher than kites on string.

Just like my cat…always stringing me along.

Would this be an acceptable bag to carry around knitting in?

Oh great another cat shirt I must have.

does it glow in the dark?

Great ANOTHER cat shirt. How about “Just string me up”

Thanks everyone- especially oakenspirit!

My muse, Sergeant Tibbs, also deserves thanks- and some cheese.

Lovely work. I’m glad to see this awesome artwork & concept here at woot. :wink:

Hey there Bort! Thanks to you too! :slight_smile:

Aww man. Now I have to get it for my crocheting! xD

It’s nothing at all like an old LAGNAF tshirt I have from the 80s, but because this is a line drawing, it made me remember it. Can’t believe I ever wore that in public.

AWESOME design! I am with all the peeps that said “Great! Another cat shirt I have to have!” Haha. Two things I can never have too many of: Dr Who shirts and cat shirts :slight_smile: Say, LP, I looked at your other Woot offerings and found that I have bought two other of your shirts! The tiger and the cat mountains ones! I’m wearing the cat mountains right now in fact! Haha.

Any advice to a struggling new tshirt designer? Hehe. Keep up the great work!

Congrats on another Woot print Pyne!

Leslie- keep on practicing! Take your time and it will come together :slight_smile:

Hey there ibyes! Thanks so much!