Striped Bass Red by Truchard Winery (5)

2007 Striped Bass Red by Truchard Winery 5-Pack
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2007 Striped Bass Red
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What grape varietals were used?

could be…
Truchard Vineyards produces the only Zin made entirely from Napa Cameros fruit.

Two in the pic, five in the offer.
What gives?

No additional info but for those who like to have a doc about their wine purchases: press notes

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The winery website does not list anything remotely named “Striped Bass”, or anything that even looks like the same label. Is the striped bass their really low-end wine that does not even make the website?

intriguing. I need to know more

IIRC this was served at WineDavids Wednesday night dinner party…but I didn’t try it.

Oops again. Meant to add that they also made a tempranillo which I bought two years ago. So that’s another possible ingredient.

I’m guessing this is zin. But it’s called a red not a zin so what else is in it?

One number missing from the specs is sugar. Anyone have info on sugar content? eg is it very sweet or not?

Here is a tasting note for the 2006. I assume the blend on the 2007 is probably something similar:

The Striped Bass was very interesting. As Anthony said, it was a labor of love between a bass fisherman and a bass player. The wine is 90% Zinfandel and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The nose was dark cherries, smoke, berries, and a touch of licorice. It had a nice body, with dark fruit flavors, a little cinnamon, and a bit of menthol. The finish was subtle, but really long, with a nice evolution in the mouth from somewhat sweet, to earthy, to a pleasant, lingering, fade.

Their tempranillo is always great QPR. I just wish there were more reviews on this one.

Mill was the first one in-that always says something…I’m just saying…

Found this - includes a pdf sheet on this wine under wine notes:

I had the Tempranillo and really liked it. I still would like a bit more information (reviews, rating) before I pull the trigger on this one. Very tempted though because of the Tempranillo.

What does it say? His only post indicates that he gets up early for work and has the means to try lots of wine, hence he is frequently first sucker. Is there anything more that you know?

Just watch what he orders-he is very picky usually the high dollar stuff and if he orders a bargain wine you can be pretty sure it will be a very nice one.