Striped Down Alternative Comforters

“Down Alt?” Good lord…

The history of “Down Alt:”

"Down Alt was first introduced to the American public in 1951. It was advertised as a miracle fiber that could be worn for 68 days straight without ironing and still look presentable.
In 1958 another down alt fiber called Kodel was developed by Eastman Chemical Products, Inc. The down alt market kept expanding. Since it was such an inexpensive and durable fiber, many small textile mills emerged all over the country–many located in old gas stations–to produce cheap down alt apparel items. Down alt experienced a constant growth until the 1970s when sales drastically declined due to the negative public image that emerged in the late 60s as a result of the infamous down alt double-knit fabric!
Today, down alt is still widely regarded as a “cheap, uncomfortable…” fiber.The History of Polyester

well at least they are packing it in a soft pretty packaging