Stronghold Mandala Red - 4 Pack

Stronghold Mandala Red - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2010 Mandala Red
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Very tempting. I almost pulled the trigger on these during the last offering, but held off. Being that these are from the Stronghold line, and not the Arizona Stronghold line, I think I will pass once again. While Eric seems to be a great winemaker and very nice guy, and Maynard is putting all of his effort into what he is doing; I would like to taste the real fruit of their labor (pun intended). This is made from grapes sourced from other vineyards (I believe these are from somewhere in California), not from either of their own vines. I would like the combination of their grapes and their skill, not just their skill (and lets be honest, Eric’s skill in this case) and someone elses grapes.

I’m sure it’s great, but I want more!

Oh, dear noodly FSM. Third buy today and I didn’t even have lunch yet. I hope all of this wine goes with ramen noodles and tuna fish…sigh…

How can I say no to an Arizona winery? GOTTA try it. Available to rat, etc.

Help me understand how this is an Arizona wine. The grapes are from Napa and Paso Robles. Are they then shipped to AZ for pressing, etc.? Inquiring minds want to know.


edit: not fast enough with the question.

Very tempted because its such an interesting looking blend. Anyone tried it before that wants to chime in? Not a lot of luck finding reviews online.

In. Too fabulous of a deal to pass up!!

One review I found was on and it was written on 01/04/2012 and read:

"One of the best reds at any price!

A couple of great friends turned me on to Puscifer last year, and as a thank you, I turned us on to Stronghold Mandala Red. What an experience! Big, juicy, dark and chewy!
It is layered with all the black fruits: plum, black cherry and blackberry. Just a hint of raisins and chocolate on the finish. This wine just keeps giving all the way through on the finish that seems to never end.
We have the Mandala White that I just received today and we’re going to pop the cork on that (with some red) this weekend!! We’re going to watch “Blood into Wine” while buzzing it up! Can’t wait!"

Very tempting…

Pulled the trigger :slight_smile:

369 buyers last time (12/12/2011). Surely someone out there has opened one up and can give us an unofficial rat report.

Full Cellar, must be very picky during this wine woot off.

BTW, Metrokane Crystal glasses over at home.woot. Just remember to buy two or more because lots of people had breakage issues when they bought one set last time around.

Holding out for the Vampire wine. Oh please oh please oh please.

Wine glasses now up on home.woot. They are trying to steal our thunder :slight_smile:

thanks for the heads just bought 2 sets of red.

It’s like a lock and key… Which you think is the wine and which you think is the wine holder, well that’s up for debate, lol…

Purty Please for PoiZin, that’s my fave…I only have 1 bottle of that left…

Missed this last time, glad to see it up again. In for 1.

well if were wishing, Medlock Ames Cab Pretty please

Sounds like a plant/shill review, but FWIW there are people here who like it, and the factual parts of the descriptions could well be pretty accurate. Probably an easy-drinking ripe fruit-forward new-world Parker-style wine for those who want one!

wow… checked in on wine.woot to post a question in another forum, only to be ambushed by a woot off… geeze…