Stronghold Mandala White - 4 Pack

Stronghold Mandala White - 4 Pack
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4 2010 Mandala White

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Previous offer 12/11/11

Same comment I left yesterday on the Reds:

Very tempting. I almost pulled the trigger on these during the last offering, but held off. Being that these are from the Stronghold line, and not the Arizona Stronghold line, I think I will pass once again. While Eric seems to be a great winemaker and very nice guy, and Maynard is putting all of his effort into what he is doing; I would like to taste the real fruit of their labor (pun intended). This is made from grapes sourced from other vineyards (I believe these are from somewhere in California), not from either of their own vines. I would like the combination of their grapes and their skill, not just their skill (and lets be honest, Eric’s skill in this case) and someone elses grapes.

I’m sure it’s great, but I want more!

Give us the good stuff!

Dang it!! Stupid Chrome hiccup’d on me.

I have a question that doesn’t pertain to this wine specifically, but wine in general.

Is there a standard amount of “breathing” time for wine? I have heard of people letting their wine “breathe” for 10 minutes, but also up to two hours. How does one decide how long they let this process happen and it must start deteriorating at some point, correct?
Also, does it take longer without a decanter?

Being a Tool and APC fan, along with being a wine fan, I am intrigued… I picked up the red yesterday out of curiosity, and now I’m wondering if the white would be worth adding to my cellar too… Not that I have any space. I’m gonna have to start drinking a lot to make room for this woot-offs purchases…

Is there anyone out there who has tried this? I’m curious as to how dry or sweet it is as I’m not very familiar with the particular grapes in it. Would it be good with spicy Thai food or better with rich french chickeny dishes?

agree, todays offerings are so, so

Anyone know if this is dry or sweet?

The first part of your question is not an easy one to answer and also depends on your personal preference. Depending on the age, type, etc of the wine, some need more air than others.

Simply opening a bottle and letting it breath with certainly take longer than if you were to poor it into a decanter (due to the shape of the bottle and very limited surface area of the wine exposed to the air).

Personally, I just use a aerator (vinturi) and poor just about everything through it, since I do not have a decanter (hint hint WD) and generally don’t have the time (read foresight) to decant.

Generally a simple pass through the aerator open the wine up just fine for my tastes, or at least I don’t know any better. Most younger wines will usually need anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours in a decanter, which would probably be twice that time if you just popping the cork and letting it breath from the bottle.

Hopefully this helps.

It’s actually an interesting blend, I’m thinking of grabbing one. Can’t tell if it would be dry or off-dry based on the info given. One might suspect off-dry from the 13% alcohol, but 2010 was a cool year and they may have started with fewer sugars. Shrug.

Either way though it should have a nice acidity (boosted by the GB) and floral character (from the Viognier and nudged further by the Muscat) that should be perfect with Thai and other spicy foods.

I don’t see a r/s stat or any acidity levels and I don’t remember from previous discussions, but I would guess based on the tasting notes that this is somewhere in between. It don’t think it is sweet in the traditional sense, but I would guess is pretty fruit forward and given high percentage of Viognier it would appear semi-sweet on first taste, with a crisp, dryer finish.

Like a said, this is just a guess though as I have not had this wine.

Hmm, if el jeff is hanging around…what might be coming up soon?

Thanks so much:) I really appreciate it!

Locked and loaded!

I think us wine wooters should get our own version of a BOC, and for us that would be Bottle of Crap.

Just picture it… a bottle with a brown label and a yellow question mark. Could be merlot, could be kaleidoscope, could be wheat grass.

Who’s with me??

After seeing the film Blood into Wine, I too wish this was a whole hearted effort wine. I might sway by the time the button starts bouncing.

My thoughts exactly!!!

this one looks like a woot-off killer!

i would love to pour a glass of toffee, but
i would hate to pour a glass of balsamic…
but yeah sure, what the heck… good idea…

i do find myself buying a lot of the non wine items during this woot off…

Thread hijack

Sorry to do this and YES I know I can go back to appropriate offering date for comments but since current wine is moving slow and I am hoping some of you can chime in on the following question I posted earlier:

What is better, jana or tytanium? I went in on one Jana based on rave reviews but have never tasted it. I had Tytanium on my visit to Sonoma last summer and loved it! Silky smooth with looooong finish. Just curious how Jana compares. Gracias

Thanks peeps!