Stronghold Mandala White - 4 Pack

Hah! Seeing El Jefe is a good omen. I would like to see this one on the Woot Off, next, please.

Not having had either (but Jana on the way), I would say it is merely a matter of tastes. The Jana Cathedral is made in the old world style, why Ty makes his wines in the new world, generally very fruit forward style

It is a mystery. :wink:

Good question. I think the key is just simply to experiment and get acquainted. In my life I sort of stumbled into the issue by noting that very often when I stored a half-consumed bottle for a day or two before finishing it, very often it tasted much better on the second or third day than the first. On the other hand, there were also those bottles that we noticeably worse if not entirely consumed.

I soon learned that what I was looking at was aeration or breathing of wine, and what happens to the wine after the seal is broken and ambient enters the bottle. Since I found that my favorite wines were most often those stored bottles, I came to realize that my preferences were for red wines that needed breathing time to develop. Some of my favorites actually seem to do best with almost 24 hours of breathing time. But it’s all a matter of personal taste, and YMMV.

I suggest that you start by getting a Vinturi aerator and when you open a bottle pour two small samples, one with the Vinturi and one without. If the wine tastes better to you with the Vinturi, then you should consider that bottle a candidate for breathing. If you have time, let it decant before drinking or else just use the Vinturi for the rest of the bottle if you don’t have time to decant.

FYI - In my experience, while a Vinturi will help open a wine immediately, it’s not as good as giving the wine an appropriate amount of time in a decanter. Also on occasion with a very tight wine I also pass the wine through the Vinturi when transferring the wine to a decanter.

Count me in for 3 :slight_smile:

Mmm, liquid toffee (anyone know of anything that would taste like that?)

everytime I see these, I read “Stranglehold” and get excited that the Motor City Madman put out a wine!

El Jefe likes Woot Offs too!

It probably wouldn’t taste like anything because your tongue would be boiled in liquid hot magma

I’ve never really loved my Vinturi - I always preferred drinking a beer while waiting for a wine to open in the decanter.
And sure enough, a few weeks ago a bunch of somms agreed with me!

My two cents: wife and I often compare vinturi poured vino vs. non vinturi side by side. 9/10 times she prefers non-vinturi while I prefer it 5/10 times. I guess it deopends on the wine and/or taste preference.

Frangelico. :slight_smile:

Now that we’ve broken the ice with a Stronghold red and white from California, I wonder if we’ll get any of the Arizona Stronghold wines on wine.woot??

My curiosity won me over.

Stronghold Mandala White - 4 Pack
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For anyone who might be interested, I’ll try to post something on this board after trying it, just so that future wooters have something more to go on. Thanks to el jefe tho for the response to my ignorance! :slight_smile:

El Jefe… This is my first, actually first wine purchases on woot… So forgive my noob’ness, just wanted to say how awesome it would be to get my paws on some of the 2008 River of Skulls :wink: :wink:

Great idea!

Thanks! But I’ll be honest, the River is getting close to sold out, so you probably won’t see that here unless I get in a mood and add a couple cases to another woot off. It is still available from the winery direct.