Stronghold Wines Mandala - 4 Pack Sampler

Stronghold Wines Mandala - 4 Pack Sampler
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 2010 Mandala White
2 2010 Mandala Red
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I am so happy to see AZ wines on woot!

I’ve not had these 2 bottles, but I have had a Stronghold white in the past and remember liking it. Of course, I have no idea which one it was! I did bring it to a Vegas gathering a couple years ago and I believe most people enjoyed it.

Maybe I’ll head out tomorrow and pick up a bottle of one of these.

edit: It was the Tazi, a white blend that we had.

The alchohol% is a little lower for a Paso Robles. Would like to see some other #s like sugar and ph. The red looks like an interesting blend.

Same here, I had one of their whites a couple months ago, it was good but my friend brought it to dinner and I don’t know which it was. I told myself I wouldn’t buy any wine for a couple months, but dammit, it’s Arizona wine!

I’ve had a few of Keenan’s wines under his (previous?) Caduceus label. I found them to be interesting, unusual wines that weren’t quite balanced right. I suspect he’ll improve, as he’s clearly got some real talent that still needs to develop into skill. I’m definitely in for one to see how he’s getting on with this.

Courtesy of CJ:

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I’m assuming these are drink now but can the redor white be kept? Maybe a cellar window?

Does anyone have any info on food/cigar pairings?

NOTE: These Mandala wines are from the ‘Stronghold’ brand of Arizona Stronghold… The Stronghold brand uses an American appellation, allowing them to source fruit from anywhere in North America.

Both wines are made with California fruit- the Mandala white is made with fruit sourced from the Edna Valley and the Mandala red is made with fruit sourced from Paso Robles.

Here’s a link

If anyone in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area wants to sell me a bottle of the white, send me a PM.

I could see a Montecristo #2 or even a Davidoff with the white, and a Ramon Allones Specially Selected, or perhaps a Partagas #2 with the red.

I’ve never tasted one of the wines that Maynard has been involved in, but am looking forward to trying. In for 1 for now. I am a big fan of his music, and maybe I can diversify and become a fan of his side pursuit.

I do recommend the documentary “Blood Into Wine” which delves into his vineyard, and the release of his first bottles. It’s very interesting and better yet, on Netflix steaming.

Very cool, was wondering if we’d ever see Stronghold or Caduceus wines here. Looks like $20 a bottle retail so $5 less per bottle after shipping isn’t to shabby, especially if you can’t find them locally and want to give them a try.

Did Krampus steal all the Balsamic? Haven’t we all been good little Wooter boys and girls?

I tried this at a Puscifer concert last month. The red was great. The white wasn’t as tasty. I’m not any kind of wine expert, but it reminded me of unripened fruit. But I liked the red enough to get this, and hope the white does better with some food! Sorry I don’t know enough to describe these, other than the red went well with popcorn :slight_smile:

Big fan of MJK. Just saw Puscifer on tour. The “Blood into Wine” documentary got a bit too crazy for me when they started talking about vortices but they do it a fun manor. I’ve had Cadeusus wines before and they are very interesting. In for 2!

“Redefining the Desert with High Elevation Wine.”

Seems a bit misleading, considering the grapes are sourced from areas that are NOT in Arizona (in this case, they are from California).

Anybody in the NoVa/DC/MD area want just the whites?

If you ever get a chance, stop by Keenan’s Caduceus Cellars tasting room in Jerome, Arizona. It’s just a few miles away from the Stronghold vineyard in Cornville. You’ll be amazed at what these guys are doing with ARIZONA grapes.