Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio



nice guessing with the stuart cellars whoever said that


Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Aged
1 Stuart Cellars 2004 Sangiovese
1 Stuart Cellars 2002 Tatria
1 Stuart Cellars 2005 Viognier

Heh, my evil little ‘plan’ came together nicely!

Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio
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Mosaic Sonoma White Quartet
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The APRILWINE code still works. First sucker: Corrado
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corrado’s in already! nice speed to first sucker


Ya beat me to it :wink: Let’s hope they’re good!

Current numbers (updated each minute):
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Oh BALLS!! I totally forgot about the APRILWINE coupon. SMACK

…time to email service…


I forgot it last week and they said they credited my account but on my credit card, I was still charged the same price. Good luck!


I used to be a member of this winery. It is one of Temecula’s best. The Tatria is nice, and the Viognier is good on a hot Temecula day. I don’t recall the Sangiovese being that memorable, but that was a few years ago. Too bad they didn’t include their port, it is delicious!


A few of our clients are in that next of the woods and I’m likely to be tagged with a software upgrade project for them within the next 18 mos, so I figure I’d better check out the local juice before I head out there.


I just wooted the MP3 player over on the other side. I think this may be the first time I’ve double wooted in a night.

My name is laura and i am a wootaholic…


yay - it ships to AZ - now I have to convince my wife to let me buy it -


I had poked around the Stuart website and liked what I saw. Disappointed at no Cab Franc, but I glimpsed Sangiovese & Viognier before this rat punched the feeder bar. The Tatria is the only one I’m a little afraid of since it’s pushing 3 years since release.

For that reason, this woot has all the markings of those Costco packages of granola bars you buy where there are two bars you’re totally psyched for and one "blueberry-dingo surprise’ that’s obviously in the package because no one bought it as a stand-alone product and the only way the folks at Quaker could sell the stuff was to package it with something more attractive.


Hey, that’s not so bad. I was the “last wooter to woot” for the Mosaic and “First sucker” for this batch. 2 woots w/in 3 minutes? Beat that!


Wow Corrado… Don’t want to waste a moment do you… :slight_smile: You win and the latest comment made me really LOL… Anything to help me stay awake for the deadlines.

So what is this Tatria type. I have never heard of it before. I need to hear some tasting notes on this. I am very interested. If corrado and lauratchi go for it, then it must be worth buying :wink:


hell of a deal. the first two wines alone cost more than the woot price!
sigh i should have never found out about the site!

"Congratulations to Marshall Stuart of Stuart Cellars in Temecula, whose 2005 Viognier rang up a 90 rating in Wine Enthusiast magazine.

This $25 beauty is a dry white wine with big depth of fruit. It is tropical, with hints of mango, pineapple, apricot and orange. It can be aged but it is stunning to drink now with its fruit bouquet. Viognier is another lovely grape that originated in the Rhone Valley of France."

that’s all i got for ya’ll right now. Their website has two bronze awards from the San Fran magazine for
2004 Sangiovese
2002 Tatria

i’ve been reading some stuff online, the tatria is supposed to be one of their best.



why wouldn’t it still work? we’re still in April


This might be the most tempting trio I’ve ever seen on wine.woot. My wife might kill me.


Well you are Corrado after all. You make wine. You make beer. You craft your own guitar out of koa. You take ribs artsy fartsy pics and able to leap from woot wine week to week in a single bound…

There SO needs to be a Corrado signal in the sky… hmmm… maybe a huge W or something…


hm gonna have to ponder this a day or 2 while some more comments come in, already purchased a few too many wine woots during the woot off