Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio

Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 04 Tatria
1 04 Cabernet Franc
1 06 Zinfandel

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Liked the Tatria last time. Thought the Sangiovese was better. Looks like a good trio!

Misspelled Jimmy Stewart. Jeez.

Must admit the clue was right on, even if the spelling is not.

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I know absolutely nothing about these wines, but remember Clayfu being VERY down on Temecula wines. Then again, he’s down on just about everything NOT in his cellar…

Would like to hear some unbiased opinions, if anyone knows anything.

From another w.w offering from the same winery back in May '07
Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio

right in my own backyard…nice winery.

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Seems to have been the consensus from doing a quick scan on the last page of the previous offering, but this is a tempting trio…

This is one of Mistress Nallie’s favorite wineries. She was in their wine club, and has commented many times favorably about the wines and the owners.

We tasted their wines earlier this year during our SoCal Temecula run, and they were good wines. Clay just likes to go to the casino down there (and for the crab buffet).

And do you really want to hear the pitter-patter of tiny stilletos behind you?? :wink:

That’s WD’s MO.

Nice to see Stuart Cellars back on wine.woot. I’ve enjoyed their offerings in the past and currently have their '02 and '03 Tatria in my cellar. Might as well get me the '04 too. Plus I remember really enjoying their Cab Franc when I was there last year some time with my sis. No tasting notes though. No idea about their Zin but the Cucamonga Valley appellation sounds interesting. Guess all of that means I’m in for 1. :happy:

question…how do you become a labrat? and how do you know if you are?

Thanks Sparky, and good point…stalking stilletos can be very, very intimidating. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia on Labrats.

Short version.

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I’ll be interested to hear from the winemaker on that one. 16.5% is one of the more potent Zins I’ve seen. Are the Tatria & Cab Franc offerings technically “Library” selections at this point?

Quoted from Cheron’s amazing labrat thread:
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How good IS this deal?

Well, it certainly LOOKS like a good deal, though this mix of wines cannot be duplicated on the winery website. And to confuse it worse, prices on the order form are different from the Our Wines pages (again, when available).

And to boot, shipping costs are not posted before order is submitted.

But, all that aside, even at lowest prices shown, and no shipping cost this is one of the higher discount deals! Click the link above to see.

awesome - thanks so much!