Stuart with a Pearl Earring

I feel like I’m being watched. O.o

Looks a little pirate-y to me.

Quite the imaginative design. Also, I didn’t realize how lovely Stuart was.

The pearl really brings out the white in his eye, I think.

Channeling Johannes Vermeer, I see. Very goed.

Love this, Lindsey! You are so talented and silly- :wink:

The “write-up” is awesome too-

Fun day all around- heh

Thanks so much oaken!

After watching the movies 5 million times with my minion obsessed two year old, something this silly was bound to happen :wink:

reminds me of a zz top song.

You might say that they went bananas with it.

First day sales: 331

How do these shirts not fall under trademark infringement laws?

Do you mean copyright or trademark? For trademark, the company would first have to trademark a specific image, and I doubt that anybody trademarked that specific image.

They could possibly try to trademark “minion”, but I’m not sure that would be granted (because minion in the real world means what “minion” means in the movie, more or less). That’s why you can’t trademark “Apple” brand apples but can trademark Apple computers and Apple records.

I am sooooo glad this won.