Stud Bar: Mountable Pull Up Bar

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Stud Bar: Mountable Pull Up Bar
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> 600 lb weight capacity

Probably not a lot of 600-lb guys doing pull-ups. But it’s good it goes that high.

Lol @ “1/14” bar diameter for a comfortable grip"

That’s a small diameter bar! It’s like doing pull ups using a pencil lead for a bar.
Comfortable for that guy with really tiny hands, like maybe 3" tall Kevin Harvick.

Call it a hunch, but maybe that’s supposed to be 1-1/4" diameter.

It’s also useful for those who want to do weighted pull ups by either wearing a weighted vest or using a dip belt with added plates.

You’re thinking of static weight. The amount of force exerted on the bar and wall/ceiling by person going up and down can is greater than the person’s weight. I don’t know what it is for pull-ups (up force or down force) but for running, it can be 3x the runner’s body weight on his/her feet.

The woman in the photo is obviously composited in. She would be impossibly petite.

Heh. Tiny but comfortable? TWSS.

I updated it to 1 1/4 after confirming it.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I would like to see this one up again. I missed my chance