Studio One Up Jaxx Club Jr. Individual Sized Bean Bag

toooo much pancakes

ahhh, childhood!

Yes! A sack for my beans!

The '70s called and wants its chair back. :slight_smile:

Assembly instructions for a bean bag?!??!?

why the hell would some one pay 50 bucks for a freaking beanbag???


woot off killer

wootoff killer?

Not that great of a deal…

Fifty bucks for a bean bag???

$50 for a bean bag???

Bean me up Scott…

I hate to see what it actually costs to ship this thing…

puppy time!

Nothing says classy to the ladies, like this sack of love.

Took me a minute to understand what it was…

DOH! WHen I saw the picture I thought it was a new bag of crap. Now I see that it’s just a sack of beans…

Think of it as $50 for the original BOC!!!

Does this have any magic beans inside?

They had the larger versions of these all over PAX Easti lots of colors. Looked pretty comfy. But usually filled with a big gaming gnvrd…