Stuff for Cuttin' & Fixin'



Give us your impressions on these tools before they all sell out! :slight_smile:


Wow, 10 Min. into the sale and 4 items already sold out - must be really a “limited quantity” sale!!!

Good thing I got a hold on some of them last time around. :slight_smile:


I can’t believe I missed the Kershaw. Those are great little knives. Simple but tough, and for that price you can’t beat them.


Kershaws are pretty popular! Hopefully we’ll see them again!


I carry that Kershaw Compound every day. It’s a good knife and for that price it’s just amazing. I’ve been wanting that S&W Extraction & Evasion but I’m always missing it. I guess with a 10 min sellout window it’s no wonder.


I bought the Cold Steel 9inch plain edge voyager last go around…wow what a knife. Cut the hell out of my finger. Granted, that is not what I intended, but…ya know…knife happens. It’s a large knife, however. The 7 inch may be better suited for most people.
I’m tempted to get the fully serrated one for giggles.


Look at your finger, and imagine it 10x worse. That’d be the serrated. :slight_smile:

Awesome knife, it’s my EDC knife.


Dear Woot,

Please have someone from legal review your shipping policies to the greater NY area. If you want to outlaw shipping to NYC that is fine, but holding out on almost everyone upstate and on Long Island is unnecessary and costing you business.

I can buy the same knife from your parent company (Amazon) and ship it to my door without any legal problems what so ever.

On behalf of almost every NY wooter.


This guy.

PS - out of the zip codes in NY that you DO actually ship to, it includes two towns/cities that border queens, but not ones 50+ miles away.


After a bunch of research I pulled the trigger on the Voyager Vaquero 9" plain edge two woot appearances ago. I was so impressed and pleased with my purchase that I went ahead and got the 7" for basic cutting. I run a shop where lots of things need opening, cutting and teardown. The 9" didn’t disappoint but it kept getting the same Dundee “now that’s a knoife” reaction from my crew. I figured the 7" would be less intimidating for EDC situations.

As a lefty I was able to switch the clip for the 9" to the other side, now I can EDC both of them in different pockets.

Perks for the 9" Vaquero,

came out of the box very sharp. Very small burr on one side, took a little bit of stropping to make razor sharp. Great edge retention. The Tri-Ad lock with a stop pin really adds confidence where a simple Victorinox would spell injury and even locking folders might flex. Very grippy,has a deep finger guard. I wear medium gloves and it fits perfectly for me.

Cons, the re-curve is difficult to sharpen, no surprise. A round stone or a carbide/ceramic sharpener will be enough to keep the edge in line.

When I got the 7" is where I was a little less pleased. The construction, quality, edge retention etc were the same. It was more a matter of personal taste, After having held the 9" - a blade that was just about the perfect pocket knife size for me - the 7" felt too light and small. My pinky comes onto the back part of the grip, and it is a very light knife. The blade is slightly thinner than the 9" variant. Overall, for a pen knife replacement I couldn’t be more happy. I don’t need useless weight in my pocket for the sake of heft.

In summary. I bought the 7" and it serves it’s purpose well. My favorite knife is the 9" straight edge Vaquero. If you are looking to buy one knife to EDC, I would easily recommend getting this, or a similarly priced Voyager clip point for easier sharpening. Anyone I know who has seen my knife, and has any interest in knives has gone on to purchase one.


I was interested in the Gerber multi-tools but the reviews on Amazon are downright bad for the Grappler and mixed for the Flik.
I couldn’t match the model number exactly on the Flik. Seems like a good price for the Flik but people don’t seem to like the sliding plier head design and complain about the locking mechanism for it being uncomfortable when using the tool.
Guess I’ll pass


Depending on your needs, I would highly recommend this one:

In my line of work I use the pliers, serrated knife, and phillips-head most often. The spring loaded pliers have made a huge difference in ease of use. The blades have held up well, and it is easy to pull the tools out and put them back. It came with a belt holster as well. You can’t beat the price.


These are great brands at half the price of other sites I shop.

As a knife collector I am always looking for a great deal. A friend turned me onto You are my new knife supplier. If you guys start selling weed at great prices like this I could stop pimping out my livestock to local bestiality enthusiasts!


They say these are potential boat or river knives, but without an obvious lanyard attachment point, I don’t see it – they would end up at the bottom of the nearest body of water in the first two or three uses.

I need a sharp stainless knife to keep in my life jacket for safety purposes, but a lanyard is a requirement.