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Beware Wooters- I purchased one of the flat lightning charging cables from my local Marshalls, where it’s also the same price of $9.99. For that price, I thought it was a great deal for an additional charging cable I could keep with me to use on the go.

This cable started to fall apart within the second week of use. After the first week, I noticed that the phone wasn’t always charging when I was plugging in the lightning connector - I’d have to fiddle with it to get it to charge. Then by the end of the second week, the lightning “pin” completely came out of the cable housing. Obviously this rendered the cable useless without me gluing it back in and I just decided to go with another cable.

A friend of mine purchased one at the same time I did and he’s starting to have the same issue I did in week 1. I imagine his cable will completely fail soon.


has any one used the zBoost. or have heard any thing about them good or bad?

mAh (milli-amp hours) are a unit of STORAGE appropriate for, for example: batteries. None of these plug-in devices have any appearance of storing anything at all. Woot should have a copywriter, or at least a proofreader, with a bit more engineering knowledge than whoever wrote the blurbs for these pink “xtreme” products.

according to an article I read, the cheap lightning chargers won’t because of a propietary chip apple puts in theirs. without the chip your phone won’t recognize the charger and apple won’t release specs on it.

I saw a video review of the zboost done by one of the techie websites that didn’t fare well. The best they got was marginal improvement, the average was no change on both V and ATT networks. Wish I could remember the site to link the vid but it was over a year ago that I saw it.

I heart woot, but this was the worst woot purchase of my career. It literally did nothing. I had no signal and it gave me one bar that would drop everytime I placed a call. Plus my carrier (T-Mobile) would not let me out of my contract because despite the fact that all of the calls were dropping, it still showed that I was placing calls. Avoid!!!

L5 Universal Remote - 86% bought 3

Anyone out there who needs a little bonus karma this month have an extra L5 Universal Remote adapter they’d part with?

I’ve been WAITING for this exact deal for months… missed it by minutes. Hoping there might be a freak-restock or something… but alas, no freak.

Remoteless in Reno
(took me a minute to think of an “R” city)

Dos anyone know if the GPS device here requires a subscription service to operate? Will it use data? Thanks.