Stuff Holders: Please Place Your Stuff Neatly

does the Furinno 13093EX Econ 6-Cube Organizer come with three bins as shown?

Yes, bins are included.

From the features: The non-woven bin simply adds in a sweet accent to the whole unit

The best way to promote a product is to ensure me that “there is no foul smell, durable and the material is the most stable among the particle boards”

Most particle board manufacturers in the US have moved away from a Formaldehyde based process in the last couple of years. Even if Formaldehyde is used upstream products, it’s further away from the finished good production, and therefore, cuts down on the off-gassing issues experienced previously.

hmmm, amazon reviews of Furrinno (furry niño?) stuff are split - half like 'em, half say they’re fragile and wobble all over the place. Then again, some of the bad reviews might be from people who are just really bad at assembling furniture (and don’t have extra hardware and glue to augment the included stuff).

Is this black or just a dark cherry?

Is the hallway storage unit black? Most of the others are espresso and the product description for this piece did not specify.

Which item?

@hellcountry: I’m asking on yours.
UPDATE: Color has been added to the title.

Just put together my Furinno Pasir 4-Tier Shelf w/Door

Did anyone else buy this, and did they also think it was a complete waste of money? Build quality and shipping/packaging is horrible, the instructions are pretty sub-par, and the particle board is way to thin.

Between the pieces getting scratched up in shipping, and the bag that held all of the small parts exploding in the box (Causing even more damage to the cabinet) it wasn’t worth it.

Did anyone else have any of the same issues?