Stuff that's Liquor-ish

Nice deal! If I had money to spend I’d pick one up.

Finally was able to purchase the !

The 4 Bottle Dispenser is a fantastic deal (if you want one of them). I have seen several of these a thrift stores around Phoenix and they are usually marked between $15 & $20.

I’ve read in previous sales of this dispenser that it leaks and doesn’t hold the bottles tight enough.

Great deal, if it didnt leak all over! Yes thats right, four bottles of booze, all over my counter and floor. My DOGS even got some of it which can kill them. Although it was only $10, it was a waste of $10.

Got the woot logo glass and pitcher set sans the logos on the cups. Sending e-mail to woot now.

Now I know how the folks that got the ! skillets felt when they received theirs without the !.

Just sent another e-mail since the automatic case number e-mail never came.

According to the reply, they can’t do anything until after the wootoff since the inventory is locked. if and only if after the wootoff there are left over ! sets with the logos printed on everything will they be able to do anything.
If I don’t want to wait, then I’d receive a prepaid return slip.
Only time will tell on this one.

Has anyone else received a set without the ! on the cups?

I ordered the set too as a gift and when they opened it today, no logo on the cups!! Were you able to get this corrected?

Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Thankfully I’m not the only one to receive ! less cups.

I e-mailed support and they said that a replacement set will be sent out, and that I can keep the set without the ! on the cups. This was a few days ago.

I just got my replacement. Looks like I’ll be needing a replacement for this replacement. The replacement set doesn’t have the ! logo on its cups either.

Sending an e-mail.

Left: The replacement set that I received today and on the right my original set.

After sending the picture to support, they sent me a return slip and asked for me to send back both defective units, and will, (hopefully) get me a fully blinged out set.

So,… the replacement set for the replacement set arrived today. Here I was thinking, 3rd times the charm;perhaps I’ll finally have a complete set!

I was wrong.

3 sets in a row without ! cups.

Sending an e-mail now.

Ugh. Checking with the buyer. Seems pretty clear that this lot of pitchers didn’t get etched glasses.

The issue has still not been resolved.

Hey sorry for the late response bpr2.

I’ve pinged CS again to see what’s going on.

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Thank you. I’ll e-mail CS again as well.

Thank you for your help!


case number reply from just sent e-mail.