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Anyone with experience with the Emerson wine coolers? And are these good prices?

We’ve had the Black Wine Storage Cabinet for a few years now, and it has withstood the test of time and man (college parties) without incident. I would highly recommend it if anyone is looking for a wine cabinet. It has quite a bit of room in the cabinets for everything, from glasses to games - it’s even great for hiding your specialty liquor in the back!

No decanters… sigh.

Antique Revival Ophelia Milk Crate

I’ve had the Red one on my Amazon Wish List for a while… it is $36.99 on their site… kinda surprised it is so much cheaper over there!!

The wine cabinets are pretty, but I prefer a wine fridge. Wine is best stored cooler than room temp, and also I want it to be drinking temp when I’m ready to drink it- wine chillers take FOREVER to actually chill a bottle. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I have a ~40 bottle Danby which has not given me a speck of trouble for ~5 years.

this is like what we use for a wine carrier. As long as it arrives in one piece… I mean, it won’t make it home. It’s neoprene and cushy.

I’m confused about why there are 2 Emerson 12 Bottle Wine Coolers with the exact same specs, picture and price. Is one of them supposed to be different dimensions?

Half wine barrel rack is cheaper on the mother ship:

The 18-bottle TMS wine cabinets are available way cheaper at Wayfair, $151 with free shipping! Both colors are available here.

Good catch, I’m having this checked out.

Update: They have different model numbers. We just haven’t figured out what the differences are yet. Wooters, consider this a challenge.)

That milk crate is super cool, but after the previous post stating it was $37 on Amazon, I looked it up. I could only find it for $57 ( but even so, what’s with it being so much cheaper with free shipping on the mother ship? And more usefully, does anyone know if this would fit pint or quart mason jars?

One picture shows 12 bottles of wine in the cooler, the other does not. Figures…the one with the wine in the picture sold out first =)

My shot glasses arrived broken :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that!

Please write into and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to help you find a resolve.

At least you got them! I still haven’t gotten any shipping notification for them. :frowning:

Interesting coincidence, I ordered some Riedel tasting sets from the Mother Ship, which arrived on Tuesday (supposed to arrive on Monday, but some delay). Picked them up, and I could hear broken glass inside.

Opened up the box, and they just had bubble wrap around the two boxes inside, with about 2 to 3 inches of space. Protected by a single sheet of paper.

One box sounded (and was) okay, but the other one sounded like every glass (set of 5) was broken. Only one glass was broken, but another was chipped in several places. Customer Service took care of me, but not sure what to do, since they’re temporarily sold out of them. And it was going to be a Xmas gift. :frowning: