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I bought one of these Sightmark SM13003C Sure Shot Reflex Sight last time, and I would have to say it is a complete waste of money. Here is why.

  1. The reflection on the lense is horrible. You can barely see the cross hairs because of it.

  2. If you use it in any kind of light, the cross hairs are to dim to see them.

  3. The crosshairs them self are not defined. For example, the circle with the dot in the middle. You can see like duplicates of it slightly offset from the real one. making it look more like (.))) instead of (.)

Now my first thought is this has to be defective, which it might very well be. I also changed the batteries in it to see if that cleared up any of the issues. (which it did not)

I also have not tried to contact the company about it since I have not had time to call them to find out if it is just how its suppose to work.

My overall recommendation for this is not to buy it, unless you are putting it on a toy gun you just want to make look cooler by having a site on it…

Where’s the bullet trap shown? You guys did it again!

bought the .22 4 arm target and the pistol rack previously to give as Christmas gifts. Both appear good quality, but I haven’t taken the target out of the box, so I can only say “it appears”.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I’ve bought 3 of these from two sources (here and a local gun shop) and had good luck.

1 and 2: Have you tried adjusting the brightness? There are several settings that work well from low-light to pretty bright conditions.

3: Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses, in particular, can cause that effect. I wear contacts and, if conditions are just right, I get some ghosting. A quick blink usually straightens things out. If I’m wearing glasses, I have to get my eye perfectly in line with the sight to get rid of the ghosts.

I haven’t used any other reflex sights but it seems to me that ghosting would be a problem with all of them if you are wearing corrective lenses. But I’m not a scientist. :wink: